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Finger Lakes National Forest

No-Tan-Takto Trail


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This trail is nearly all open pastureland and traverses the Forest in a north/south direction between the Backbone Horse Campground and Parmenter Road. The No-Tan-Takto Trail is accessed from the Blueberry Patch Campground via the Backbone Trail. From the Backbone Horse Campground, the trail goes north into Seneca County and crosses the Interloken Trail at Seneca Road.

The trail follows Townsend Road east for about 0.5 miles then runs north to the parking area on Parmenter Road. In some of the pastures there are outstanding vistas, including views of Seneca Lake to the west and Cayuga Lake to the east. The trail is relatively flat, with a primitive trail tread, gravel in wet portions, and mowed grass through fenced pastures. Please close gates behind you. No camping is allowed within livestock pastures from May 15th to October 31st.

Note: Trails are closed to horse users from March 15th thru May 1st due to muddy conditions.

Use restrictions: No motorized vehicles except snowmobiles when conditions permit

Trail Facts

Length: 4.5 miles one way
Feature: Views
Max. Elevation Change: 134 feet
Amount of use: Moderate
Hiking level: Easy

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