Hiking in Adirondack Park

Southwestern Adirondacks Powley-Piseco Road
Hiking in Adirondack Park
Southwestern Adirondacks

Ferris Lake
Wild Forest


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The 147,454 acre Ferris Lake Wild Forest is located on the southwestern edge of Adirondack Park. The Ferris Lake Wild Forest is roughly bounded on the north and west by NY 8, on the east by NY 10, and on the south by the Adirondack Park "Blue-Line." Surrounding nearby state lands include the Black River Wild Forest and West Canada Lake Wilderness to the north, and Shaker Mountain Wild Forest and Silver Lake Wilderness to the east.

Ferris Lake Wild Forest most distinguishing characteristic is its old growth spruce stands which still exist and can be found along the Powley-Piseco Road, the north side of Alderbed Stream, around Blind Man's Vly, and on the slopes of Big and Little Alderbed Mountains. The attractiveness of this area lies in its numerous ponds, lakes, and streams which attract sportsman and other outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year.

Cars parked at the popular Nine Corner Lake trailhead on NY 29A

The Ferris Lake Wild Forest is readily accessible by car, lying approximately 20 miles north of the Mohawk Valley. The Powley-Piseco Road, one of the last old Adirondack dirt roads, extends about 17 miles from NY 10 near Piseco Lake to Stratford, and cuts through the approximate center of this large, diverse, and interesting piece of Forest Preserve land. It provides the public with motor vehicle access through practically unbroken forest, quite comparable to some wilderness areas.

There are no lean to's in this wild forest, however there are numerous of road side campsites along Powley-Piseco Road. You'll find many of the trails in this area listed in the book Discover the Southern Adirondacks. We have a list of destinations below as well as a few trail maps.

Destinations in Ferris Lake Wild Forest

Jockeybush Lake Big Alderbed Lake Potholers
Goldmine Stream Falls Nine Corner Lake Broomstick Lake
Sand Lake Clockmill Pond Spectacle Lake
Dry Lake Dexter Lake Third & Fourth Lakes
G-Lake Good Luck Lake Echo Cliffs
Good Luck Mountain Cliffs Brayhouse Gore Christian Lake
Redlouse Lake House Pond Brayhouse Brook
Black Cat Lake Iron Lake Mud Pond
Glasgow Vly Glasgow Mills Sprite Creek
Mud Lake Burnt Vly West Lake
Waters Millpond Knapps Long Lake West Stoner Lake
Rooster Hill Cliffs Tomany Mountain Powley-Piseco Road


Typical DEC Trail Register in Ferris Lake Wild Forest


Hiking in Adirondack Park

Nine Corner Lake

Broomstick Lake

Powley-Piseco Road

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