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Northville - Placid Trail 

Northville to Whitehouse



Northville to Upper Benson

The beginning of the Northville-Placid Trail follows the highway from NY 30 near Northville to County Route 6 toward Upper Benson. There is a reroute under way to eliminate the 10 mile road walk.  There is a map of this future reroute below.  Most hikers begin from the parking area on Godfrey Road.  Look below for more info.

NOTE:  The trail to Cathead Mountain is CLOSED.

Upper Benson to Whitehouse

Currently the first off road section of the Northville - Placid Trail as you head north from Northville is in Upper Benson.  The first official off road section is located 0.5 miles along dirt Godfrey Road and a trail register.  The dirt road becomes rougher as you continue to follow Godfrey Road.  Our mileage begins from the start of Godfrey Road.

At 2.0 miles you'll cross the North Branch of West Stony Creek.  At 3.1 miles the trail crosses Goldmine Creek.  At 4.8 miles a spur trail leads 0.1 miles to Rock Lake on your left.  At 5.8 miles you cross the West Branch of the Sacandaga River.

At 6.5 miles Meco Lake is off to your right and reach Silver Lake Lean To at 7.3 miles. The trail passes close by Canary Pond at 9.5 miles.  There are primitive camping opportunities near Canary Pond.  After passing through a wet area on puncheons, reach Mud Lake Lean To at 12.7 miles.  The trail reaches a col at 13.6 miles to start a major descent that ends at the crossing of the West Branch of the Sacandaga River on a suspension footbridge at 15.3 miles.

Suspension Bridge

Across the river you'll notice the ruins of an old fireplace and at 15.5 miles you'll reach an old road plus a trail register.  This is the end of this section.  The Northville-Placid Trail turns left.  Turning right and following the old road will bring you to the end of West River Road and a parking area.

Be ready to encounter wet sections caused by beavers, especially between Silver Lake and Canary Pond.  There is an elevation gain/loss of over 1500 feet overall for this 15.5 mile section.  Mileage we show may vary depending on the gps devise you use.

Be sure to check out Guide to Adirondack Trails: Northville Placid Trail 4th Edition for more information on the Northville-Placid Trail.  Also check out the NY DEC website at Adirondack Trail Information for updated trail conditions.  If you have any updates for us please contact us at or if you'd like to share any pictures of this fantastic hiking trail.


Mile Elevation Description (Upper Benson to Whitehouse)
0.0 1296 ft

Veer left onto dirt Godfrey Road.

0.5 1337 ft

Parking area and trail register.  Many hikers start here.

2.0 1510 ft

Cross North Branch West Stony Creek.

3.1 1712 ft

Cross Goldmine Creek.

4.8 1999 ft

Rock Lake is on the left.  A short 0.1 mile spur trail leads to the shore.

5.8 1867 ft

Cross West Branch Sacandaga River at the western end of an old clearing, then bear sharply right up the west bank of river

6.5 2113 ft

Meco Lake is on your right.

7.3 2038 ft

Silver Lake Lean To

9.2 1995 ft

Cross stream on footbridge

9.5 2059 ft

Canary Pond is off to the left.

12.7 1739 ft

Mud Lake Lean To (destroyed in 2011)

13.0 1780 ft

Cross small stream

13.6 1929 ft

Reach col between Grindstone Mountain and Mud Lake Mountain.  Begin descent toward river.

15.3 1296 ft

Cross the West Branch of the Sacandaga River on a suspension footbridge.

15.4 1292 ft

Ruins of old fireplace on your left.

15.5 1311 ft

Reach old road and trail register.  End of this section.  N-P turns left.  Trail to right leads 0.1 mile to parking area at end of West River Road.

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