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The hikes featured in the West-Central Adirondacks include hiking in the McKeever, Old Forge, Inlet and Stillwater area.  This section of the Adirondacks features Independence River Wild Forest, Ha De Ron Dah Wilderness, Black River Wild Forest, Fulton Chain Wild Forest, Pigeon Lake Wilderness, and the very popular Moose River Plains Wild Forest as well as the remote West Canada Lakes Wilderness.

Some of our favorite hikes in the West-Central Adirondacks include Bald Mountain, Rocky Mountain, Moss Lake Loop, Cascade Lake Loop, Bear Lake, Bubb & Sis Lake, Black Bear Mountain, Ferd's Bog, and Beaver Lake.  For those looking for free roadside primitive camping in this area, you'll find numerous campsites in Moose River Plains Wild Forest. There are also some roadside primitive campsites available in Independence River Wild Forest and Black River Wild Forest.

A couple of sections of the future North Country National Scenic Trail will travel through this section of the Adirondacks. Take a look at the future NCT in the Adirondacks:  Here's the future NCT in Black River Wild Forest and West Canada Lakes Wilderness.


Some Hikes in the West Central Region of the Adirondacks

Bald Mountain Rocky Mountain Black Bear Mountain Moss Lake Loop
Bubb & Sis Lake Bubb, Sis & Moss Lake Loop Bug & Eagles Nest Lakes Arnold's Rock
Seventh Lake Cathedral Pines Ferd's Bog Cascade Lake Loop
Sunday Creek Sunday Lake Halfmoon Lake Panther Pond
Gleasmans Falls Bills Pond Squaw Lake Indian Lake
Big Otter Lake Pine Lake Middle Settlement Lake East Pond
Woodhull Lake Woodhull Mountain Gull Lake Chub Pond
Round Pond Brandy Lake Stone Dam Lake South Lake
West Pond Safford Pond Razorback Pond Snake Pond
Vista Trail West Mountain Shallow Lake Pigeon Lake
Lost Ponds Helldiver Pond Sly Pond Mitchell Ponds
White Pond Rock Dam Trail Icehouse Pond Beaver Lake
Wakely Mountain Sagamore Lake Loop Sagamore Cascades Mohegan Lake
Pillsbury Lake Sampson Lake Queer Lake Falls Pond-Deep Lake
Brewer Lake Bear Lake Nelson Lake Trail JBT Gull Lake
Moose River Lock & Dam Nicks Lake Loop Brown's Tract Trail Indian Brook
Dunning Lean To Remsen Falls Muskrat Pond Reeds Pond

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