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Woodhull Mountain, located six miles south of Old Forge, offers some views, and itís one spot where bicyclists can get a head start on hikers. The former railroad bed, which carries the trail in from McKeever, allows bicyclists to pedal most of the way before locking up their rides and hiking up the mountain.  There is also another way to hike this remote mountain.

Woodhull Mountain's first fire tower structure was a wooden tower constructed by the Conservation Commission in September 1911. In 1916 the Conservation Commission purchased and constructed a 50'  "LL25" tower.  It had no stairs but only a ladder up the exterior, however wood steps were added within the structure in 1918 or 1919. The tower was closed at the end of the 1970 season when the state's Department of Environmental Conservation instituted its system of aerial wildfire detection. This tower still remains, however, and is accessible to the public all but the tower cab.

This trip to the 2365 foot summit of Woodhull Mountain and its fire tower would be a very long, 15 mile hike.  A popular way to reach the summit is to bike on the old railroad gravel road until the trail is no longer suitable for bike riding. At that point you can tie up your mountain bikes then climb the rest of the mountain. 

You can also drive your vehicle along the road on the right of the main parking area.  This stone dirt road is called Wolf Lake Landing Road.  You could drive this road up to another parking area that cuts a lot off from the long hike, although it's still at least a 9+ mile round trip hike.

Woodhull Mountain is part of the "ADK Fire Tower Challenge".

Directions to Trailhead - At McKeever, on NY 28 South of Old Forge, take McKeever road (if travelling south bound on NY 28 this paved road is on your left just past the Moose River Bridge). At .25 miles the paved road curves to the left, go straight here on the narrow gravel road for .43 miles to the State Parking #1, a map of the area is posted here.

Continuing straight ahead you reach two roads, a woods road to the left and a gravel jeep road to the right. Drive the jeep road for 3 miles to a small State Parking #2, posted with a number of signs. The trail to Woodhull Mountain points to your left, a gated woods road that leads .6 miles to a main trail junction. Park here. (sign says .6 miles however the distance is more like .2 miles)

At the main Trail junction the sign to Woodhull Mountain points to the right at 4.5 miles, a left here would take you back to Parking #1 in 3.1 miles.

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