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Our 2010 Hikes - March 16

North Country Trail
Cazenovia, NY
4.6 miles round trip


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Date:  March 16, 2010

Mileage hiked:  4.6 miles round trip

Location:  Cazenovia, NY

Trailhead:  #1 Freber Road or #2 Carrys Hill Road.

Name of Trail:  North Country Trail / Link Trail

Hike Difficulty:  Easy

Features:  Views, ravines, old Lehigh Valley Railroad.

Link:  North Country Trail / Link Trail - Cazenovia Section

This is a great hike to get your winter hiking legs ready for tougher hikes later on in the spring.  That's why we decided to hike this on Tuesday, March 16th.  The hike follows the North Country National Scenic Trail along the old Lehigh Valley Railroad, north of Cazenovia, NY.  Although it's still early in the hiking season, the trail is in fairly good shape with some wet/muddy spots and some sections with snow on the ground.

The old Lehigh Valley Railroad is now the trail

You may have this 2.3 mile section of trail all to yourself to enjoy.  There are great views, surprising ravines and stairs that take you into or out of one of the ravines.  The best views stretch all the way beyond Oneida Lake.  See the panorama above.  You'll find pieces of the old railroad scattered all over the place as you walk.  While other trails are muddy or under water or still knee deep with snow, try out this hike. 

We started our hike from the seasonal Freber Road.  We parked on the side of the road on the other side of where the trail ends.  The North Country Trail follows roads from here to Quarry Road for those thru hiking.  We hiked to Emhoff Road and back for a 4.6 mile round trip.

You can also start at Carrys Hill Road.  There is a small parking area where the trail crosses the road here.  If you don't want to do 4.6 miles, you can hike north from Carrys Hill Road to Freber Road and back for a 2.8 mile round trip.  Both are easy hikes and there is only a 100 foot elevation change from Freber Road to Emhoff Road.

Staircase along the North Country Trail / Link Trail

Here are some key points of the hike from Freber Road to Emhoff Road:

0.55 miles - Cross farm lane, nice view a few feet on your right.

0.85 miles - Nice view 15 feet on your right.  Then trail crosses awesome ravine on old railroad bed.

1.3 miles - Stairs lead into ravine.

1.4 miles - Gate, parking area then cross Carrys Hill Road.

1.9 miles - nice ravine and view.

2.3 miles - reach Emhoff Road.  Turn around and retrace your steps.

The trail does cross the road and continues all the way into the village of Cazenovia to US 20.  You can check out the rest of this great section of the North Country Trail by following the link above.  There is a video and map below of this wonderful hike.


Directions:  From Chittenango take Perryville Road to Dwyer Road.  Straight onto Falls Road aka County Route 19.  Turn left on Freber Road (seasonal road). 

Secondary Trailhead:  NY 13 to Falls Road aka County Route 19.  Straight on Carrys Hills Road.  Small parking area on left as road climbs hill where trail crosses.

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