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Our 2010 Hikes - March 24

Exploring the North Country Trail
Lock 21 to Erie Canal Village


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Date:  March 24, 2010

Mileage hiked:  6.2 miles total

Location:  near Rome, NY

Trailhead #1:  Circle Road near NY 46.

Trailhead #2:  Parking area off NY 46 near Erie Canal Village.

Name of Trail:  North Country Trail / Old Erie Canal Trail

Hike Difficulty:  Easy for all trails.

Trail Conditions:  Dry and Excellent along the North Country Trail. 

Features:  Old Erie Canal, Erie Canal, Lock 21.

Links:  NCT - Lock 21 to Erie Canal Village

A beautiful sunny day, however the wind was brutal making for a chilly hike at times.  This section of the North Country National Scenic Trail is for the most part in the open, so you'll get the great sunshine and the brutal wind (on a day like today).  We've done this section of the NCT each year for the last few years in the spring. Why?  It's usually one of the first sections of the NCT where the snow is melted and the trail is dry, plus its another great section of trail to work on your winter hiking legs.  It's also a place you won't run into too many other hikers or bikers.  Although I did see two bikers enjoying the trail today.

We actually started this hike last week at Lock 21 (notice the frozen canal on our video).  There was and still is major construction happening at the lock.  We were unable to cross the lock via the gate due to the construction.  They will be improving the hiker/biker crossing at Lock 21 and a new campsite will also be built at Lock 21 for hikers/bikers as well as boaters.  The New York State Canal Corporation hopes to have the entire project completed by October 29, 2010.

The first two miles of this hike is along the "new" Erie Canal.  The trail veers left away from the new Erie Canal and begins to follow the old Erie Canal Towpath.  Be sure to check out the abandoned factory across the canal, where the old Erie Canal once was.  As you walk along the old Erie Canal Towpath, there are fantastic pines on your left at first plus the old canal has disappeared on your right.  After awhile you'll begin to notice the old canal on your right.

Old buildings across the canal

The sounds of NY 46 are never that far away as you make your way towards Erie Canal Village.  It's 6.2 miles one way from Lock 21 to Erie Canal Village.  You'll either need a shuttle or it's a long 12.4 mile round trip.  Or pick a section to check out and then do another at a later date.  Use the link above for more info.  There is a video and a couple of maps below.  Thanks for visiting our website.  Happy Hiking!


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