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April 5 - First Hike

Texas Hollow Loop


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Date:  April 5, 2010

Length of hike1.3 miles from gated access road, 1.8 miles from parking area

Location:  along Texas Hollow Road off NY 79 between Ithaca & Watkins Glen

Trailhead:  Along the east side of Texas Hollow Road

Trailhead Coordinates:  N42 24.751 W76 47.531 (gated access road)

Alternate Trailhead Coordinates:  N42 24.920 W76 47.656 (parking area)

Name of Trail:  Finger Lakes Trail, North Country Trail, Texas Hollow Loop Trail

Hike Difficulty:  Easy

Elevation Gain:  153 feet

Trail Conditions:  Well marked, easy to follow, some wet spots. 

Features:  Pleasant walk around pond, pond views

Links:  Texas Hollow Loop

On Monday we decided to head to Texas Hollow State Forest to hike the short but pleasant 1.3 mile Texas Hollow Loop.  This was our first of a couple of hikes on Monday.  It sprinkled for much of the hike, but once it was over it turned out to be a really nice day.  This is a simple, pleasant, short hike that you can either start from the gated access road (little parking) or at the parking area where the FLT/NCT crosses Texas Hollow Road.  Starting from the larger parking area does add 0.5 miles to your hike, however it also adds a scenic walk along Texas Hollow Creek.

Texas Hollow Pond along the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail

We started at the gated access road.  Walk past the yellow gate and descend gently down the access road.  Prior to reaching the open area at Texas Hollow Pond, the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail comes in from your left.  You'll see the white blazes.  Follow the well worn path into the open area for wonderful views of Texas Hollow Pond and probably hear a few geese enjoying the pond.

The open area near the pond looks to be a great spot to drop a blanket, relax, have a picnic and enjoy the scenery.  The area also look to be popular with deer and other animals from the scat we saw.  The FLT/NCT crosses a wet area on a small bridge and enters the woods.  As soon as you enter the woods you reach the first junction of the blue blazed Texas Hollow Loop Trail at 0.2 miles.

View of the other pond along the Texas Hollow Loop Trail

Turn left and follow the blue blazed Texas Hollow Loop Trail.  The Texas Hollow Loop circles around another pond in the state forest.  At 0.45 miles start the steepest part of this hike as you'll ascend just over 100 feet in 0.15 miles.  You may hear more geese on your right as you circle the pond.

At 0.9 miles you reach the end of the blue blazed Texas Hollow Loop Trail at the FLT/NCT junction.  Turn right onto the white blazed FLT/NCT and follow the white blazes back to the main pond.  From there take the access road back up to the yellow gate and your car.  For those who started at the other parking area, simply follow the FLT/NCT back to your vehicle.  Below is a map and video of this hike.

Directions:  From Ithaca take NY 79 west to Texas Hollow Road.


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