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Our 2010 Hikes - April 14

Great Eastern Trail
Pinnacle State Park &
McCarthy Hill State Forest


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Date:  April 14, 2010

Length of hike #1:  4.9 miles

Length of hike #2:  3.8 miles

Location:  Addison, NY

Trailhead #1:  McCarthy Hill State Forest Kiosk

Trailhead #1 Coordinates:  N42 05.427 W77 12.418

Trailhead #2:  Along main park road

Trailhead #2 Coordinates:  N42 05.513 W77 12.955

Name of Trails:  Great Eastern Trail plus other park & forest trails

Hike #1 Difficulty:  Moderate

Elevation Gain:  560 feet

Hike #2 Difficulty:  Easy downhill, strenuous return

Elevation Gain:  647 feet

Trail Conditions:  Trails were in great shape. There was a couple of wet sections on hike #1

Features:  Scenic pond and numerous views

Links: GET - Pinnacle State Park, McCarthy Hill State Forest, Pinnacle State Park

We continued our exploration of the Great Eastern Trail in New York to GPS the trail for our website on Wednesday.  This time we traveled to the small village of Addison, NY and visited Pinnacle State Park.  This state park is more known for its golf course, than hiking trails.  The weather was beautiful and the state run golf course was CLOSED.  The greens looked great and ready for golfing, but the golf course was CLOSED.  Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

View from near the clubhouse in Pinnacle State Park

It's free to enter the state park and there are other trails available beside the orange blazed Great Eastern Trail.  We saw a yellow, red and blue blazed trails while hiking along the GET in the state park.  We started our first hike from the kiosk for McCarthy Hill State Forest.  This state forest has over eight miles of great looking hiking trails.  From the kiosk we headed past the gate toward a large pond.  We were hiking in Pinnacle State Park.  In just 0.1 mile we reached the pond.  The open area had picnic tables and grills.  This looks like a great place to enjoy a picnic or to do some fishing.

Levi Pond along the Great Eastern Trail

We continued along the orange blazed Great Eastern Trail entering the woods.  At 0.4 miles you come out of the woods to a great looking view.  You also leave Pinnacle State Park.  Enjoy the view, however it's just the first of many on these two hikes.  We now followed the GET along an old road, past a gate to the corner of Orr Hill Road and Reep Road.  This point is actually the first off road section of the GET in NY for those hiking the trail northbound.  From here we turned around and retraced our steps to the kiosk. 

Kiosk & DEC sign for McCarthy Hill State Forest

We made it back to the kiosk at 1.3 miles and turned right onto the forest access road, still following the orange blazes of the GET.  The dirt road descends to a large parking area, where the GET veers right near a yellow gate.  The GET is now following the Beaver Pond Trail.  The path is still blazed orange and we quickly realize how nice the trails are in McCarthy Hill State Forest.  The trail is well maintained and wide.  We hike on mostly level land with just a few up and downs. 

Trail junction in McCarthy Hill State Forest

We pass other forest trails, first crossing the Grouse Point Trail which looked like the trail has been used by logging trucks lately and then passing by the Otter Slide Trail.  Each of the crossings and junctions are signed.  The GET continues to follow the Beaver Pond Trail until 3.2 miles when we veered right onto the Squirrel Trail.  At 3.6 miles the GET enters Pinnacle State Park again and at first follows along the park/forest boundary until reaching the junction of a park red trail where we turned left.  This part was very wet and muddy for about 0.1 miles.

View and mowed path in Pinnacle State Park

Soon you'll follow a mowed path up to a junction with a park yellow trail and the first of a couple views.  The GET turns left and soon you'll have your next view on your left before the GET ascends as it briefly enters the woods.  The trail winds through mowed paths as it reaches a dirt road and parking area in front of a ball field.  The trail turns left and quickly reaches the dirt Ackerson Road.  This was the road you drove up earlier.  The GET turns right here, however we turned left and followed the dirt road/blue blazes back to the kiosk and our vehicle. 

Scrappy on the GET in Pinnacle State Park

Our first hike was 4.9 miles and turns out to be somewhat of a nice loop hike.  There are numerous loop hike options utilizing the forest trails in McCarthy Hill State Forest.  The DEC website has a trail map and brochure available.  Neither has the Great Eastern Trail listed as of 4/16/2010.  The trails look to be well maintained and worth a visit.  Camping is permitted in the state forest as long as your 150 feet from trails, water or roads.

We took a quick break and a short drive for our second hike of the day.  We headed to the main park road and drove to where the GET leaves the park road on the opposite side of the park speed limit sign.  After turning around, I parked on the grass under a willow tree (after asking park employees if it was ok to park there).  HIke #2 started from this point as we followed the orange blazes (and red) over a small bridge and then on a mowed path.

The entrance sign for Pinnacle State Park

In just 0.1 miles we reached an open area with nice views to our left.  The mowed path turns here and gently climbs toward the woods.  You'll pass a bunker on your right from the golf course before entering the woods.  The trail turns left after entering the woods and soon the park red trail will turn right while the GET will continue straight.  The orange blazed GET is following old woods roads now.  The hiking is deceivingly level and easy.

View from along the Great Eastern Trail

At 0.6 miles you'll start the sometimes steep descent along old woods roads.  This first steep descent levels off at 0.7 miles briefly before another descent that levels off at 0.9 miles.  At 1.1 miles you begin the real major descent as you'll drop nearly 400 feet in the next 0.5 miles.  The trail levels as you cross an old moss covered bridge at 1.6 miles and reach power lines.

The GET following an old woods road

The trail turns left at the power lines and then right to follow another old road.  It's level walking for the last 0.3 miles to the gate at Cleveland Drive.  It was a 1.9 mile hike to this point and dropped 646 feet in elevation.  We take a break on the grass near the power lines before beginning our steep climb back to our vehicle.  This was an out and back hike of 3.8 miles with the return being a bit strenuous due to the climb.  Just take breaks when needed.

The gate at Cleveland Drive

Directions:  From the village of Addison, travel south on County Route 5 aka South Street, turn left (east) onto Ackerson Road.  You'll pass the main road for Pinnacle State Park on your left (for hike #2).  The road is now a seasonal road.  Pass another parking area near ball fields on your left.  Continue to follow the dirt road down hill to a kiosk and small parking area.  Park here for hike #1.  The seasonal road continues downhill and dead-ends at a state forest parking lot at a gate.


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