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Our 2010 Hikes - April 29

Finger Lakes Trail
Pharsalia WMA

Johnson Street to Lower Pond


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Date:  April 29, 2010

Length of hike 4.4 miles round trip

Location:  Pharsalia Wildlife Management Area

Trailhead:  Elmer Jackson Rd near Lower Pond

Trailhead Coordinates:  N42 37.647 W75 42.958

Name of Trails:  Finger Lakes Trail

Hike Difficulty:  Easy

Hike Elevation Gain:  216 feet

Trail Conditions:  Well maintained and marked trails

Features:  Two scenic ponds, old ccc camp, scenic streams

Links: FLT - Pharsalia WMA

Thursday found us in beautiful Pharsalia Wildlife Management Area for a hike along the Finger Lakes Trail.  We decided to do a section of trail from Johnson Street to Lower Pond.  This section includes two scenic ponds as well as taking you past the remains of an old CCC camp.  We parked along Elmer Jackson Road, north of Lower Pond.  There is better parking available along the road here than on Johnson Street.

Elmer Jackson Road just north of Lower Pond

From Lower Pond walk north along Elmer Jackson Road following the white blazes of the Finger Lakes Trail.  You'll pass a kiosk on your right as you walk along the road.  Lower Pond is also visible on your right.  At 0.2 miles the FLT turns left into the forest just prior to the road crossing a stream on a culvert.  As you begin to enter the forest, be sure to notice the design of the culvert.  Obviously constructed by the CCC from the 1930-40's. 

Large open field along the Finger Lakes Trail

At 0.3 miles you'll begin to notice remains of an old CCC Camp as well as a large open field on your left.  Your mind might wonder what it was like to be here back in the 1930's.  Keep your eyes out for the numerous remnants you'll see during this section.  Some are obvious and some aren't.  The trail is gently ascending now. 

The remains of an old CCC camp building

At 0.8 miles the trail crosses over a rock pile and then avoids an old apple orchard.  Looks like the perfect place to relax.  At 1.1 miles the trail crosses seasonal dirt John Smith Road.  At 1.2 miles the trail crosses diagonally an access trail that leads right to camping areas near Johnson Pond and left back toward John Smith Road.  At 1.3 miles the trail briefly follows next to a beautiful stream before coming out of the woods to reach the earthen dam of Johnson Pond at 1.4 miles. 

Johnson Pond dam in Pharsalia WMA

The large pond is the perfect place for a break.  You may see others fishing on the pond or camping in the area on the right.  After leaving the scenic pond the trail begins to ascend.  At 1.5 miles the trail skirts private property.  You'll reach an elevation of just under 2000 feet at 1.7 miles before gently descending again.  At 1.8 miles the trail crosses an impressive stone wall.  At 1.95 miles you'll reach a trail register on a tree.  There is a wet, muddy section just prior to the register.

Trail register along the Finger Lakes Trail

At 2.2 miles you'll reach seasonal dirt Johnson Street and the end of this hike.  The Finger Lakes Trail crosses the road, then continues north to Perkins Pond Lean To and Church Hill Road.  To return to your vehicle simply turn around and retrace your steps.  Use the link above for more info on the Finger Lakes Trail in Pharsalia WMA. 

The Finger Lakes Trail at Johnson Street

There is a map and video below of this great hike.


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Finger Lakes Trail

FLT - Pharsalia WMA

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