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Our 2010 Hikes - June 4

North Country Trail
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Tower Rd to Power Line View


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Date:  June 4, 2010

Length of hike 2.0 miles round trip

Location:  Robert Treman State Park & private property

Trailhead:  Tower Road

Trailhead Coordinates:  N42 23.160 W76 40.117

Name of Trails:  North Country Trail, Finger Lakes Trail

Hike Difficulty:  Easy

Hike Elevation Gain: 157 feet

Trail Conditions:  Well maintained and marked trails.

Features:  Connecticut Hill summit, power line view, pleasant woods walk

Links: FLT/NCT - Connecticut Hill WMA

Here's a pleasant woods hike along the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail featuring the summit of Connecticut Hill.  Connecticut Hill at 2099 feet is the highest point in Tompkins County.  Although much of the area is surrounded by Connecticut Wildlife Management Area, the Connecticut Hill summit area is part of Robert Treman State Park.  The toughest part of this hike is finding the trailhead.

Looking back toward Tower Road from the FLT/NCT

The trailhead is located on Tower Road near the radio towers on Connecticut Hill.  You'll see the yellow Finger Lakes Trail signs where the trail crosses the road.  There is some parking along the side of the dirt road.  You might hear the buzz from the towers as you prepare for your hike.  Look below for driving directions to this tough to find trailhead.

Looking at the FLT/NCT from Tower Road

Follow the white blazes of the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail on the same side of the radio towers.  In 250 feet reach the junction of the orange blazed Bob Cameron Loop Trail.  This is a pleasant 2.7 mile loop hike with an overall elevation gain of 438 feet.  The loop is part of the 900+ mile Finger Lakes Trail System.

USGS Marker on Connecticut Hill along the FLT/NCT

Continue straight on the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail.  The buzz of the radio towers are to your right as you approach the USGS survey marker for the summit of Connecticut Hill (also on your right).  You are now on the highest point in Tompkins County.

Unofficial campsite along the FLT/NCT

Continue to follow the white blazes as you descend ever so gently toward Black Oak Road.  First pass under power lines and then near to a home before reaching Black Oak Road at 0.45 miles.  The trail crosses the road diagonally and enters the woods.  Soon you'll pass an unofficial campsite on your right. 

Following Cayutaville Road

At 0.6 miles the trail reaches Cayutaville Road.  You are leaving this outer sliver of Robert Treman State Park as you turn right to follow the road for a few hundred feet before the trail veers left off the road on to private property.  Soon the trail turns left onto an old woods road.  Remember your traveling on private property and stay on the trail. 

Power line view along the FLT/NCT

At 1.0 miles you reach the opening for the power lines and there are some views to your right.  This is the end of this hike, although the FLT/NCT does continue for another 0.3 miles before reaching Griffin Road.  To return simply turn around and retrace your steps.  This easy hike can be enjoyed by everyone.

State Park Lands sign off Cayutaville Road

Directions:  From Ithaca take NY 13 south and then right onto NY 327.  Drive past both entrances to Robert Treman State Park and soon after passing the second entrance turn left on Trumbull Corners Road.  Pass by Stevenson Forest Preserve and soon turn right on Rumsey Hill Road.  At the three way stop sign continue straight.  Views behind you.  The road is now called Connecticut Hill Road. 

At end of road turn left on Black Oak Road.  Views again behind you.  This road will eventually become a dirt road.  The road turns right and soon the road looks like it turns left, however there is a dirt road on the right.  This is Tower Road and you'll turn right on this dirt road.  If you reach the radio towers, you've passed the FLT/NCT crossing.  The best parking along the side of the road is on the same side as the towers.

Note:  On my vehicle GPS, Tower Rd does not show up and I have an updated map.

Look below for a video featuring this hike and a map.  You help support this trail by purchasing the official map of this section of trail (M16) by visiting the Finger Lakes Trail Conference web site.


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