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Our 2010 Hikes - August 8

Adirondack Park

Northville-Placid Trail

Ledge Mt Overlook, Echo Cliff
and Auger Falls plus the NPT


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 We planned four hikes to explore on our visit to the south-central Adirondacks on 8/8.  Our first stop was the trailhead for Ledge Mountain Overlook, which I almost drove right by if it wasn't for the GPS saying "Arriving at Ledge Mountain".  A pleasant and pretty easy 1.9 mile round trip to a surprising nice view from the top of a cliff.  Be sure to check out our page for Ledge Mountain Overlook.

View of West Canada Creek from Ledge Mountain Overlook

Our second stop was a revisit to Echo Cliff on Panther Mountain.  It had been a few years since we last made the steep, but moderate 0.9 mile hike to the popular view point on the cliff.  As popular as ever according to the amount of names in the trail register as well as the wide worn path.  We passed at least 25 hikers as we made our way down the mountain.  Which we'll remind all hikers that bring along their best friends (dog), have your dog on a leash at all times.  It's for your pets safety, no matter how well behaved you think your dog is.  Scrappy is always on a leash, which makes her feel safer (I think).

Echo Cliff on Panther Mountain

Our third hike of the day was what I thought would be a popular location, Auger Falls, especially since both trailheads are off main state highways (NY 8 and NY 30).  Once again it was my GPS that lead me to the unmarked dirt road off NY 30 that lead to a very large and to my surprise, a very empty parking area.  I wonder how many more folks would stop here if there was a sign that said "Auger Falls Trail Parking Area"?  It's a pleasant 1.2 mile loop hike.

Auger Falls

I did end up passing another family doing the Auger Falls Loop hike I was doing, but in the other direction.  They were struggling over the many huge logs that have fallen on the unmarked part of the trail along the river bank.  Watch our video to get a sense of our huge some of the logs are (remember Scrappy isn't that big of a dog, although she weighs seventy pounds).   By the time we made it back to the parking area there were a few more cars parked.


Northville-Placid Trail hike

Our final hike of the day was along the famous Northville-Placid Trail, using the Whitehouse trailhead as our starting point.  As we drove down the long West River Road and finally made it onto state land, we saw numerous people still camping on a nice Sunday afternoon.  As we arrived there were other vehicles parked at the parking area at the end of the road.  After parking and getting ourselves prepared for the hike, a young couple emerged from a backpacking trip along the NPT.  As it turned out, they were fans of CNY Hiking on Facebook and enjoyed the website!  What a small world it is.

They were asking me if I knew where the waterfalls were around this area.  I explained that the only thing around in this area was near Big Eddy, which was more of a series of rapids.  I did tell them about Auger Falls (which is also more of a series of rapids) and gave them a map of the area.  They told me about their CNY Rocks Facebook page and we departed.  I found out later that the waterfalls they (as well as numerous hikers in the trail register) were looking for are west of Big Eddy and requires a dangerous bushwhack through a gorge along the sometimes dangerous West Branch Sacandaga River.  I believe that they are still more of a series of impressive rapids, more than waterfalls.  Maybe someone can let me know?

Our hike began from the large turn around/parking area at the end of West River Road in the abandoned town of Whitehouse.  We took the well worn trail at the southwestern end of the parking area, which is actually an abandoned section of West River Road.

At 0.15 miles we reached the trail register and the Northville-Placid Trail.  We turned left and followed the well worn trail to the fireplace ruins and the suspension bridge over the West Branch of the Sacandaga River.  There was a family fishing/playing on one of the islands the bridge crosses.  If you've never been over a suspension bridge, this one is worth the short walk to check out.

Scrappy on the suspension bridge over the West Branch of the Sacandaga River

We've crossed the bridge before a few years ago on a hike to the Mud Lake Lean To, which is also a really nice day hike or backpacking trip.  From here we turned around and followed the NPT back toward the trail register, this time turning left to follow the NPT north along a well worn path.

Soon you'll cross a small stream on a footbridge and at 0.7 miles reach an unmarked side trail marked with a piece of ribbon on a tree.  We are unsure what this trail leads to and at 0.8 miles the NPT veers right off the old road.  The old abandoned road continues on to Big Eddy.  I was pleasantly surprised on how well worn the NPT was even after this main split trail junction.

At 1.75 miles cross a small stream and wet section of trail.  At 2.6 miles reach the suspension bridge over Hamilton Lake Stream.  After crossing the bridge turn left and soon reach a pleasant little campsite next to the stream with full view of the bridge.  We did press on a short distance further to a recent reroute of the NPT due to beaver activity.  I thought about heading to the lean to (I knew it was close by), but I knew that the campsite was the perfect place to eat a late lunch and take a break.  I really think Scrappy agreed with me also!

Scrappy relaxes at campsite along Hamilton Lake Stream

This hike ended being about a 5.3 mile round trip hike, meaning that all four hikes totaled just over ten miles.  Not bad for a day trip to the Adirondacks.  It took us 1 hour 20 minutes to reach the Ledge Mountain Overlook trailhead from the Syracuse area.  On our way home I took a couple of short side trips, first to near Northville to see if a new proposed section of the Northville-Placid Trail was open (it wasn't) and then to check out the trailhead for Nine Corner Lake off NY 29A for a future hiking trip.

Below find a video and map of the Northville-Placid Trail hike.

View of bridge and Hamilton Lake Stream from campsite along NPT

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