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Finger Lakes National Forest

Interloken Trail Gorge Trail

Our 2010 Hikes - September 11

Finger Lakes National Forest

Southslope Loop, Gorge Trail, Ravine Loop and Ravine Trail


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On Saturday we decided to head to Finger Lakes National Forest to do some hiking.  It had been nearly a month since we last went out to do some hiking, so I thought this would be a good place to get our hiking legs back.  I picked out the Southslope Loop, the Gorge Trail, Ravine Trail and Ravine Loop Trail as our multiple hikes for the day.

Although it was a beautiful Saturday in September, we only saw a few other hikers on the trail.  We did see numerous campers enjoying the National Forest.  There are numerous hiking opportunities in Finger Lakes National Forest as well as (FREE) primitive camping available.  The trails we hiked were all well maintained and easy to follow.  We had read that major trail work had been done over the summer and you could see the work in a few places.


Finger Lakes National Forest

South Slope Trail Ravine Trail Gorge Trail

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