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In 1957 the Appalachian Mountain Club created the Four Thousand Footer Club in order to introduce hikers to lesser known areas of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There are forty-eight mountains that must be climbed for someone to become a member of the AMC 4K Footer Club. The club is also known as the White Mountains 4K Footer Club so not to be confused with the New England 4K Footer or Northeast 111. As of 2018 there have been over 13,000 hikers that have completed the White Mountains 4K Footer Club, while just over 500 have completed the club in winter.

Below is a list of the forty-eight four thousand footers found in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that make up the AMC 4K Footer Club. We suggest that you purchase The 4000-Footers of the White Mountains, White Mountain National Forest (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map) and AMC White Mountains National Forest Trail Map Set (Appalachian Mountain Club White Mountain Trail Maps) to help you plan your hiking adventure. Be sure you properly plan and know your limits. It could be a matter of life or death. You can find more info on this club by visiting the Official 4K Club Website.

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AMC Four Thousand Footer Club List

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Mountain Elevation
Washington 6288 feet
Adams 5774 feet
Jefferson 5712 feet
Monroe 5384 feet
Madison 5367 feet
Lafayette 5260 feet
Lincoln 5089 feet
South Twin 4902 feet
Carter Dome 4832 feet
Moosilauke 4802 feet
Eisenhower 4780 feet
North Twin 4761 feet
Carrigain 4700 feet
Bond 4698 feet
Middle Carter 4610 feet
West Bond 4540 feet
Garfield 4500 feet
Liberty 4459 feet
South Carter 4430 feet
Wildcat 4422 feet
Hancock 4420 feet
South Kinsman 4358 feet
Field 4340 feet
Osceola 4340 feet
Flume 4328 feet
South Hancock 4319 feet
Pierce 4310 feet
North Kinsman 4293 feet
Willey 4285 feet
Bondcliff 4265 feet
Zealand 4260 feet
North Tripyramid 4180 feet
Cabot 4170 feet
East Osceola 4156 feet
Middle Tripyramid 4140 feet
Cannon 4100 feet
Hale 4054 feet
Jackson 4052 feet
Tom 4051 feet
Wildcat D Peak 4050 feet
Moriah 4049 feet
Passaconaway 4043 feet
Owl's Head 4025 feet
Galehead 4024 feet
Whiteface 4020 feet
Waumbek 4006 feet
Isolation 4004 feet
Tecumseh 4003 feet


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