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Appalachian Trail Hiking Guide - Georgia
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Hiking guide with descriptions and maps for the 78.5 miles the Appalachian Trail travels in Georgia. The guide is broken down by five sections of the AT. The book comes to you delivered as a pdf file via email. Use the buy now button and we will send you the file via email usually within 24 hours of receiving payment. Happy Hiking!

Appalachian Trail



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The Appalachian Trail travels 78.5 miles in Georgia.  It all starts or ends on the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the trail.  Some may find it surprising that the AT never falls under 2500 feet in elevation in Georgia with a high point of 4461 feet at Blood Mountain.

Blood Mountain is the most visited spot along the Appalachian Trail south of Clingmans Dome and the 40,000 visitors per year has taken its toll on the area as well as the shelter located near the summit.  The trail in Georgia features many steep up and downs and those trying to get an early spring start could find cold rain, sleet or snow in these higher elevations in the southern Appalachians. To reach the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail on the 3782 foot summit of Springer Mountain, you have three options.  The first and most popular is to begin at the visitor center at Amicalola Falls State Park and take the 8.8 mile Approach Trail to Springer Mountain.  This trail is steep at times and climbs almost the whole way with an elevation gain of over 2000 feet.

Another option is to take USFS 28 to Nimblewill Gap and then take the Approach Trail another 2.8 miles to the summit of Springer Mountain.  This option requires driving on some rough and at times, muddy forest service roads. The quickest and easiest way to get to the southern terminus at Springer Mountain is to take USFS 42 to the crossing of the Appalachian Trail about one mile north of the summit.  This will mean retracing your steps, however it will save you many miles compared to hiking the Approach Trail.  USFS 42 is a well graded gravel road that is suitable for all vehicles.

It all starts at Springer Mountain and as you hike north you'll find other memorable places along the Appalachian Trail in Georgia including Long Creek Falls, Sassafras Mountain, Justus Mountain, Ramrock Mountain, Big Cedar Mountain, Blood Mountain, Levelland Mountain, Wolf Laurel Top, Cowrock Mountain, Wildcat Mountain, Poor Mountain, Sheep Rock Top, Blue Mountain, Rocky Mountain, Cheese Factory Site, Tray Mountain, Kelly Knob, and Powell Mountain.

Use the links above to explore different sections of the trail and look below for a detailed description of major points of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. We suggest checking out Appalachian Trail Guide to North Carolina-Georgia and Appalachian Trail, Springer Mountain to Davenport Gap (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map) to help plan your Appalachian Trail adventure.

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NOTE: Some trail relocation may have occurred, which may not be reflected with our GPS Tracks.  The tracks are very close to the current trail.

First blaze and plaque on Springer Mountain

View from Tray Mountain

Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the Appalachian Trail in Georgia (South to North)
0.0 3782 feet First white blaze & plaque on Springer Mountain
0.2 3730 feet Springer Mountain Shelter
1.0 3350 feet USFS 42
2.8 2870 feet Stover Creek Shelter
3.8 2660 feet Stover Creek
4.3 2530 feet Three Forks, USFS 58
5.2 2800 feet Trail to Long Creek Falls
6.2 3000 feet USFS 251
8.1 3200 feet Hawk Mountain Shelter
8.6 2854 feet Hightower Gap, USFS 42/69
10.5 2673 feet Horse Gap
12.2 2800 feet Cooper Gap, USFS 42/80
12.9 3224 feet Justus Mountain
14.3 2550 feet Justus Creek
15.8 3000 feet Gooch Mountain Shelter
17.3 2821 feet Gooch Gap, USFS 42
19.6 3260 feet Ramrock Mountain
21.1 3173 feet Woody Gap, GA 60 (Suches, GA 30572)
22.1 3737 feet Big Cedar Mountain
23.4 3300 feet Dan Gap
24.3 3050 feet Lance Creek
26.2 3480 feet Burnett Field Mountain
26.7 3250 feet Jarrard Gap
28.1 3650 feet Bird Gap, Wood Hole Shelter, Freeman Trail
28.5 3800 feet Slaughter Creek Campsite
29.3 4450 feet Blood Mountain, Blood Mountain Shelter.  Highest point in Georgia along the AT.
30.7 3450 feet Flatrock Gap, Trail to Byron Reese Memorial
31.7 3125 feet Neel Gap, US 19/129
32.8 3690 feet Bull Gap
33.2 3942 feet Levelland Mountain
33.9 3470 feet Swaim Gap
34.7 3520 feet Rock Spring Top
35.4 3766 feet Wolf Laurel Top
35.9 3800 feet Baggs Creek Gap
36.7 3842 feet Cowrock Mountain
37.7 3138 feet Tesnatee Gap, GA 348
38.4 3370 feet Whitley Gap Shelter
38.6 3450 feet Hogpen Gap, GA 348
39.5 3470 feet White Oak Stamp
40.6 3620 feet Poor Mountain
42.4 3600 feet Sheep Rock Top
43.2 3050 feet Low Gap Shelter
44.6 2990 feet Poplar Stamp Gap
47.0 3300 feet Cold Springs Gap
48.2 3500 feet Chattahoochee Gap
48.9 3485 feet Red Clay Gap
49.6 3600 feet Campsite
49.8 3500 feet Spring
50.5 3900 feet Blue Mountain Shelter
51.4 4025 feet Blue Mountain
52.9 2949 feet Unicoi Gap, GA 75 (Helen, GA 30545)
53.5 3300 feet Stream
54.3 4017 feet Rocky Mountain
55.6 3113 feet Indian Grave Gap, USFS 283
56.3 3580 feet Tray Mountain Road aka USFS 79
56.6 3590 feet Cheese Factory site
57.3 3847 feet Tray Mountain Road aka USFS 79
58.1 4430 feet Tray Mountain
58.6 4200 feet Tray Mountain Shelter
62.2 3400 feet Swag of the Blue Ridge
63.3 3500 feet Sassafras Gap
64.2 3304 feet Addis Gap
65.2 4276 feet Kelly Knob
66.0 3550 feet Deep Gap Shelter
67.2 3650 feet McClure Gap
67.4 3850 feet Powell Mountain
68.4 3200 feet Moreland Gap
69.0 2650 feet Streams
69.6 2675 feet Dicks Creek Gap, US 76 (Hiawassee, GA 30546)
70.7 3150 feet Campsite
71.4 2900 feet Cowart Gap
72.9 3550 feet Bull Gap
74.1 3050 feet Plumorchard Gap Shelter
74.8 3460 feet As Knob
75.4 3020 feet Blue Ridge Gap
76.4 3500 feet Campsite
76.6 3390 feet Rich Cove Gap
78.5 3825 feet GA-NC State Line

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