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Appalachian Trail Hiking Guide - Maryland
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Hiking guide with descriptions and maps for the Appalachian Trail as it travels in Maryland. The guide is broken down by 5 sections of the AT. The book comes to you delivered as a pdf file via email. Use the buy now button and we will send you the file via email usually within 24 hours of receiving payment. Happy Hiking!
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Over forty miles of the Appalachian Trail travel across Maryland, with most of the AT following the ridgeline of South Mountain.  Many call this stretch of the AT easy compared to other areas, however there are some steep climbs.  The low point in the state along the trail is 261 feet at the Potomac River and the highest point is near High Rock with an elevation of 1905 feet.

This section of the Appalachian Trail takes hikers to its closest point to the nations capital, Washington, DC.  While the AT in Maryland is called easy by some, it still offers plenty of challenges and some impressive scenery. For beginning backpackers or those getting in shape for longer trips, and those with just a few days to spend on the AT, the entire length of trail in Maryland can be done in a four to five day backpacking trip. Trail shelters and backpackers' campgrounds are spaced where most can be reached in a day's hike.  Camping is only allowed at designated sites along the AT in Maryland.

View of the Potomac River from Weverton Cliffs

Scenic overlooks and historic sites provide a great destination for those looking to explore the AT on a day hike. Some popular day hikes include hiking from Greenbrier State Park to Annapolis Rock and Black Rock, from Greenbrier to Washington Monument State Park, and from Gathland State Park to Weverton Cliffs.

Annapolis Rock offers a fine view of Greenbrier Lake and Cumberland Valley to the west.  Weverton Cliffs offers a spectacular view of the Potomac River and the area surrounding Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.  Washington Monument State Park features the first monument to our nation's first President offers views to the east and west. 


Appalachian Trail GPS Tracks for Maryland

Get the complete GPS Tracks for the AT in Maryland for ONLY $1.97!  This .gpx file includes waypoints for all trail shelters along the trail in Maryland and many of the official AT parking areas.  Use the BUY NOW button below and we'll send you the file via e-mail!  Happy Hiking!

Use the links above to explore each section of the Appalachian Trail in Maryland.  Look above and purchase the GPS Tracks for the AT in Maryland to use for your hand held gps devise or use the tracks to create your own maps!  Look below for a description of some of the key points along the Appalachian Trail in Maryland.

Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the Appalachian Trail in Maryland
1019.0 263 feet Potomac River, Goodloe E. Byron Memorial Footbridge, West Virginia/Maryland State Line
1019.2 290 feet Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath (western junction)
1020.3 290 feet US 340, Sandy Hook Bridge
1021.8 290 feet Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath (eastern junction)
1021.9 320 feet Keep Tryst Road, Railroad tracks
1022.1 400 feet US 340 underpass
1022.3 420 feet Weverton Road
1023.2 780 feet Weverton Cliffs Trail
1025.3 1100 feet Ed Garvey Shelter
1027.3 1140 feet Brownsville Gap
1029.0 950 feet Crampton Gap, Gathland State Park, MD 572
1029.4 1000 feet Crampton Gap Shelter
1032.6 1500 feet White Rocks Cliff
1032.8 1600 feet Lamb's Knoll
1034.4 970 feet Rocky Run Shelter
1035.4 910 feet Reno Monument Road
1036.2 980 feet Dahlgren Back Pack Campground
1036.4 1000 feet Turners Gap, Alternate US 40 (Boonsboro, MD 21713)
1037.8 1350 feet Monument Road
1038.0 1400 feet Washington Monument Road
1038.4 1550 feet Washington Monument
1040.5 1300 feet Boonsboro Mountain Road
1040.8 1300 feet Bartman Hill Trail to Greenbrier State Park
1041.3 1200 feet I-70 Footbridge, US 40, Greenbrier State Park
1041.9 1360 feet Pine Knob Shelter
1043.5 1820 feet Trail to Annapolis Rock
1044.5 1800 feet Black Rock Cliffs
1045.1 1500 feet Pogo Memorial Campsite
1049.9 1400 feet MD 17 (Smithsburg, MD 21783)
1050.1 1430 feet Ensign Cowall Shelter
1051.4 1450 feet MD 77
1053.2 1150 feet Warner Gap Road
1054.0 1190 feet MD 491, Raven Rock Hollow
1055.0 1480 feet Raven Rock Shelter
1056.8 1905 feet Trail to High Rock
1059.7 1330 feet Pen Mar County Park (Cascade, MD 21719)
1059.9 1250 feet Mason-Dixon Line, Maryland-Pennsylvania State Line

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