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Appalachian Trail Hiking Guide - New Jersey
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Appalachian Trail

New Jersey


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The Appalachian Trail travels 72 miles in New Jersey.  The AT enters New Jersey from the south along a pedestrian walkway on the I-80 bridge over the Delaware River.  From the busy highway and very popular recreational area, the trail ascends from the Delaware Water Gap to the Kittatinny Ridge in Worthington State Forest.  The lowest point of the trail in New Jersey is 286 feet along the bridge at the state line.

The trail passes the scenic Sunfish Pond then continues through Stokes State Forest and the spectacular views from Sunrise Mountain.  From there the trail heads into High Point State Park.  Home to the highest point in the state of New Jersey at 1803 feet.  A side trail from the AT can take hikers to the monument and high point.  The highest point of the AT in New Jersey is also located in the park near the AT observation deck at 1671 feet.

From High Point State Park the AT actually turns in a southeasterly direction and roughly follows the NY/NJ border before turning north to finally enter New York near Lake Greenwood.  The trail does briefly enter New York to cross the Wallkill River before heading back into New Jersey. 

Pochuck Boardwalk from the Pochuck Creek Suspension Bridge

One major highlight of this section is the spectacular Pochuck Boardwalk and bridge.  The mile long boardwalk and 110 foot suspension bridge was 24 years in planning with seven years of actual construction at a cost of over $800,000.  This is one of those must do sections of the AT that everyone can enjoy.

There are eight trail shelters available for hikers in New Jersey. All the shelters in New Jersey have bear safe boxes for food and most include moldering privies, which need the aid of a few leafs to work properly. By adding duff-ground leaves will aid in the decomposition. The landscape is very remote at times, then civilization seems too close at other times while on the trail in New Jersey.  You'll find the hiking pleasant, although humidity can be a problem during the summer.  Use the links above to help plan your adventure along the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey.  We suggest buying a copy of the Appalachian Trail Guide to New York-New Jersey for anyone planning a hike on this section of the AT.  Look below for a detailed description of key points of the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey.


Appalachian Trail GPS Tracks in New Jersey

Get the complete GPS Tracks for the AT in New Jersey for ONLY $1.97!  This .gpx file includes waypoints for all trail shelters along the trail in NJ and many of the official AT parking areas.  Use the BUY NOW button below and we'll send you the file via e-mail! You will need a gpx compatible program to open the file. Happy Hiking!

Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey
1289.5 350 feet Delaware River Bridge, Pennsylvania/New Jersey State Line
1290.5 350 feet Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area Visitors Center
1292.5 950 feet Holly Springs Trail
1294.1 1300 feet Backpacker Campsite
1295.4 1382 feet Sunfish Pond
1295.5 1400 feet Spring
1297.2 1450 feet Herbert Hiller plaque
1299.8 1150 feet Camp Road, Mohican Outdoor Center
1302.2 1565 feet Catfish Fire Tower
1302.8 1260 feet Rattlesnake Spring
1303.2 1350 feet County Route 602
1307.1 1350 feet Blue Mountain Lakes Road
1309.1 1360 feet Crater Lake
1311.9 1492 feet Rattlesnake Mountain
1314.1 1110 feet Brink Road Shelter
1317.7 935 feet US 206, Culvers Gap (Branchville, NJ 07826)
1318.0 970 feet Sunrise Mountain Road
1319.6 1550 feet Culver Fire Tower
1320.7 1320 feet Gren Anderson Shelter
1323.1 1653 feet Sunrise Mountain, Sunrise Mountain Day Use Shelter
1326.5 1425 feet Mashipacong Shelter
1326.7 1320 feet Deckertown Turnpike
1329.4 1345 feet Rutherford Shelter
1332.0 1500 feet NJ 23, High Point State Park Headquarters
1333.7 1280 feet High Point Shelter
1335.0 1100 feet County Route 519
1335.8 1000 feet Courtwright Road
1337.0 900 feet Ferguson Road
1337.6 740 feet Gemmer Road
1338.5 710 feet Stream
1338.6 610 feet Goodrich Road
1339.1 600 feet Goldsmith Road
1339.9 610 feet Unionville Road
1340.8 590 feet Lott Road (Unionville, NY 10988)
1341.8 420 feet NJ 284
1342.3 400 feet Oil City Road
1343.3 410 feet Wallkill River
1345.6 440 feet Liberty Corners Road
1346.1 840 feet Pochuck Mountain Shelter
1347.6 985 feet Pochuck Mountain
1348.8 720 feet County Route 565
1350.3 440 feet County Route 517 (Glenwood, NJ 07418)
1351.0 410 feet Pochuck Creek Suspension Bridge
1351.7 410 feet Canal Road
1352.6 450 feet NJ 94 (Vernon, NJ 07462)
1354.0 1340 feet Wawayanda Mountain
1355.7 1140 feet Barrett Road
1356.8 1060 feet Iron Mountain Road Bridge
1357.4 1150 feet Wawayanda Road
1357.6 1200 feet Wawayanda Shelter
1358.1 1140 feet Warwick Turnpike
1359.5 1080 feet Brady Road
1360.6 1085 feet Long House Creek
1361.7 1385 feet State Line Trail, New Jersey-New York State Line


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