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AT in Shenandoah National Park

Browns Gap to
Pinefield Gap

Loft Mountain, Doyles River


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This 10.3 mile section of the Appalachian Trail takes hikers around the Loft Mountain Campground, a popular stop for thru hikers of the AT.  This section begins in Browns Gap, a historical Civil War area as General Stonewall Jackson used this gap several times during the Valley Campaign.

From the gap the AT quickly gains 250 feet in elevation before leveling off.  At 0.5 miles reach the junction of the blue blazed Big Run Loop Trail.  At 0.9 miles the AT crosses MP 82.2 of Skyline Drive with a nice view of Cedar Mountain and Trayfoot Mountain.

At 1.3 miles the trail travels through the Doyle River Parking Overlook at MP 81.9 of Skyline Drive.  At 2.1 miles the trail reaches the junction with the Doyle River Trail, Skyline Drive is 200 feet to the left.  The AT now ascends Big Flat Mountain and at 2.5 miles there is a spectacular panoramic view of Rockytop, Brown Mt, Rocky Mt, Rocky Mount and Loft Mountain.

Loft Mountain Amphitheatre

At 3.0 miles reach a side trail on the left that leads 0.3 miles to the Loft Mountain Amphitheatre.  The AT now skirts around Loft Mountain Campground with access trails to the campground at 3.2 and 3.7 miles.  At 4.3 miles a side trail heads left to the Camp Store (open mid May to October).  Trail now ascends Loft Mountain.

At 5.4 miles the trail reaches the crest of the ridge of Loft Mountain and the junction of the extremely popular Frazier Discovery Trail on the left.  You may see a lot of day hikers in this section of trail.  In 150 feet there is a real nice view.  At 6.1 miles the trail passes to the left of the 3320 foot summit of Loft Mountain and now descends.

View from Loft Mountain

At 6.4 miles there is a side trail on the left that leads 500 feet to the Ivy Creek Maintenance Building.  There is no camping allowed here.  On many old topo maps, the building shows as a shelter.  This is incorrect.  At 7.1 miles the trail crosses the scenic Ivy Creek and then ascends.  At 7.8 miles there is an excellent view of Trayfoot Mountain and Rockytop with Skyline Drive right below the trail.

At 8.5 miles the AT reaches the south end of  Ivy Creek Overlook at MP 77.5 of Skyline Drive.  The trail travels through the overlook, then ascends.  At 9.1 miles the trail reaches the 3080 foot summit of an unnamed hill.  At 9.5 miles, where the AT makes a sharp right turn, a side trail travels left 200 feet to Skyline Drive just south of Twomile Run Overlook.

At 10.1 miles the AT crosses an access road that leads 0.1 mile to Pinefield Hut.  This Hut can only be used by long distance AT thru hikers.  The hut was built in 1940, sleeps six with designated tent sites located nearby as well as a privy.  The water source tends to be dry.  The trail now reaches MP 75.2 of Skyline Drive at Pinefield Gap and the end of this section of the trail.

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