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Appalachian Trail GPS Tracks

Get the complete GPS Tracks for the AT from US 19E to Damascus, VA for ONLY $1.97!  This .gpx file includes waypoints for all trail shelters along the 71 miles of trail within this section as well as many of the official AT parking areas.  Use the BUY NOW button below and we'll send you the file via e-mail!  Happy Hiking!

The Appalachian Trail travels 71 miles in Tennessee on this stretch of the AT.  There is another 200 miles of trail that travels along or near the Tennessee/North Carolina border that is featured under North Carolina.  The main features of this part of the trail include Iron Mountain and Watauga Lake.

During this section of the AT you'll also stroll along the Elk River, pass Jones Falls & Mountaineer Falls and see the impressive 50 foot Laurel Falls in the Pond Mountain Wilderness.  There are eight shelters spread along this section as well as a few towns close to major road crossings.

Memorable places along this section of the Appalachian Trail include White Rocks Mountain, Coon Den Falls, Laurel Fork Falls, Pond Flats, Watauga Dam, Watauga Lake, Nick Grindstaff Monument, and McQueens Knob. 

Use the links above to explore different sections of the AT in Tennessee (links under construction). Look below for a detailed description with key points along the trail in Tennessee as well as a map.

Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee
392.1 2895 feet US 19E (Elk Park, NC 08622) (Newland, NC 28657) (Roan Mtn, TN 37687)
392.3 2900 feet Bear Branch Road
395.4 3340 feet Buck Mountain Road
395.7 3330 feet Campbell Hollow Road
398.5 3590 feet Campsite
400.7 3130 feet Campsite
400.9 3470 feet Mountaineer Falls Shelter
401.7 3260 feet Campsite
402.5 3550 feet Walnut Mountain Road
403.7 3400 feet Stream
404.2 3350 feet View
404.7 3290 feet Upper Laurel Fork
408.8 3410 feet Campsite
410.5 3815 feet Moreland Gap Shelter
411.8 4206 feet White Rocks Mountain
414.8 2660 feet Trail to Coon Den Falls
416.5 2550 feet Dennis Cove, USFS 50
417.7 2120 feet Laurel Fork Falls
418.4 2450 feet Laurel Fork Shelter
418.7 1900 feet Waycaster Spring
419.2 1900 feet side trail to US 321
422.0 3780 feet Pond Flats
425.1 1990 feet US 321 (Hampton, TN 37658)
426.5 2100 feet Griffith Branch
426.8 2130 feet Watauga Lake Shelter
428.0 1915 feet Watauga Dam
429.3 2250 feet Wilbur Dam Road
432.3 3400 feet Spring
434.0 3620 feet Vandeventer Shelter
437.8 3900 feet Spring
439.2 3840 feet Turkeypen Gap
440.6 4000 feet Spring
440.8 4125 feet Iron Mountain Shelter
442.1 4090 feet Nick Grindstaff Monument
442.2 4090 feet Spring
444.6 3500 feet Stream
445.4 3450 feet TN 91
447.5 3990 feet Campsite
448.4 4060 feet Double Springs Shelter
451.9 3384 feet Low Gap, US 421 (Shady Valley, TN 37688)
453.8 3650 feet Double Spring Gap
455.2 3900 feet McQueens Knob
455.6 3680 feet McQueens Gap, USFS 69
456.7 3785 feet Abingdon Gap Shelter
463.2 3302 feet TN-VA State Line

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