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Appalachian Trail GPS Tracks

Get the complete GPS Tracks for the AT in Vermont for ONLY $1.97!  This .gpx file includes waypoints for all trail shelters along the trail in Vermont and many of the official AT parking areas.  Use the BUY NOW button below and we'll send you the file via e-mail!  Happy Hiking!

The Appalachian Trail covers 150 miles in Vermont with about 100 miles of the trail coinciding with the Long Trail along the crest of the rugged Green Mountains.  The Long Trail was the first long distance hiking trail in the USA as construction began in 1910.  The Long Trail travels about 272 miles in Vermont. 

For north bound thru hikers, the mountains are getting bigger again.  You haven't seen mountains this high since Virginia and it's just the beginning as the White Mountains of New Hampshire loom ahead.  Your climbing peak after peak in the Green Mountains.  The Green Mountain Club (GMC) asks hikers to avoid the trail during mud season, which runs from April to late May. The GMC maintains the 150 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Vermont as well as many other trails including the Long Trail.

The GMC collects fees at the high use campsites along the trail in Vermont. The fee is $5 per person per night. The fee sites include Stratton Pond Shelter, North Shore (Stratton Pond) Tenting Area, Peru Peak Shelter, Griffith Lake Tenting Area, Little Rock Pond Shelter & Tenting Area. Caretakers are present throughout the season from May to October at several locations and will "educate" you about the Leave No Trace practices.

Memorable places along the Appalachian Trail in Vermont include Harmon Hill, Little Pond Lookout, Glastenbury Lookout, Glastenbury Mountain, Stratton Mountain, Stratton Pond, Spruce Peak, Bromley Mountain, Styles Peak, Peru Peak, Griffith Lake, Baker Peak, White Rocks Cliff, Bear Mountain, Clarendon Gorge, Beacon Hill, Killington Peak, Maine Junction, Thundering Falls, Quimby Mountain, Lakota Lake Lookout, The Lookout, Thistle Hill and the Connecticut River.

Use the links above to explore different sections of the AT in Vermont (links under construction). Look below for a detailed description of key points along the Appalachian Trail in Vermont. We recommend purchasing any of the books below for those looking for more information on hiking the Appalachian Trail in Vermont:

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Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the Appalachian Trail in Vermont
1593.4 2330 feet Massachusetts/Vermont State Line, Long Trail southern terminus
1593.8 2300 feet Brook
1596.2 2180 feet Seth Warner Shelter
1596.5 2290 feet County Road
1597.6 2890 feet Ed's Spring
1599.2 2470 feet Roaring Branch
1603.4 2060 feet Congdon Shelter
1605.9 2325 feet Harmon Hill
1607.7 1360 feet VT 9 (Bennington, VT 05201)
1609.3 2330 feet Melville Nauheim Shelter
1610.9 2350 feet Hell Hollow Brook
1613.5 3060 feet Little Pond Lookout
1615.3 2920 feet Glastenbury Lookout
1617.8 3540 feet Goddard Shelter
1618.1 3748 feet Glastenbury Mountain
1622.1 2795 feet Kid Gore Shelter
1625.8 2600 feet South Alder Brook
1626.7 2810 feet Story Spring Shelter
1630.3 2230 feet Kelley Strand Road
1634.1 3936 feet Stratton Mountain
1637.1 2565 feet Stratton Pond Shelter
1637.3 2555 feet Stratton Pond, North Shore Trail (leads 0.5 mile to tenting area)
1639.2 2175 feet Winhall River
1642.0 2210 feet William B Douglas Shelter
1642.9 2150 feet Old Rootville Road, Prospect Rock
1645.0 2180 feet Spruce Peak Shelter
1645.4 2040 feet Spruce Peak
1647.8 1840 feet VT 11 & VT 30 (Manchester Center, VT 05255)
1649.8 2560 feet Bromley Shelter
1650.8 3260 feet Bromley Mountain
1653.3 2446 feet Mad Tom Notch, USFS 21
1654.9 3394 feet Styles Peak
1656.6 3429 feet Peru Peak
1657.9 2605 feet Peru Peak Shelter
1658.4 2600 feet Griffith Lake & Griffith Lake Tenting Area
1658.6 2600 feet Griffith Lake
1660.6 2850 feet Baker Peak
1662.6 2150 feet Lost Pond Shelter
1664.1 1525 feet Old Job Shelter
1664.3 1460 feet Big Branch Shelter
1665.6 1500 feet Danby-Landgrove Road, USFS 10, Black Branch (Danby, VT 05739)
1667.5 1920 feet Little Rock Pond Shelter & Tenting Area
1667.6 1854 feet Spring
1667.7 1854 feet Green Mountain Trail to Homer Stone Brook Trail
1667.9 2400 feet Trail to White Rocks Cliff vista (0.2 miles west)
1671.9 2025 feet Greenwall Shelter
1672.4 1260 feet Sugar Hill Road
1673.8 1160 feet VT 140 (Wallingford, VT 05773)
1677.5 1605 feet Minerva Hinchey Shelter
1680.1 800 feet Clarendon Gorge, Mill River Suspension Bridge
1680.2 860 feet VT 103
1681.2 1190 feet Clarendon Shelter
1681.7 1740 feet Beacon Hill
1682.1 1720 feet Lottery Road
1684.1 1400 feet Lower Cold River Road
1684.9 1480 feet Gould Brook (ford)
1685.6 1630 feet Upper Cold River Road
1687.0 1900 feet Governor Clement Shelter
1691.3 3900 feet Trail to Killington Peak
1691.3 3900 feet Cooper Lodge
1693.8 3480 feet Jungle Junction, Sherburne Pass Trail (Leads to Pico Camp in 0.5 miles)
1695.7 2560 feet Churchill Scott Shelter
1697.6 1880 feet US 4 (Rutland, VT 05701)
1698.6 2300 feet Willard Gap, Maine Junction (only 487 miles to Katahdin)
1699.5 2440 feet Sherburne Pass Trail
1700.9 1660 feet VT 100, Gifford Woods State Park (Killington, VT 05751)
1701.6 1450 feet Thundering Brook Road, Kent Pond
1703.3 1214 feet River Road
1703.8 2550 feet Quimby Mountain
1707.6 1760 feet Stony Brook Shelter
1712.3 2000 feet Chateauguay Road
1713.0 2640 feet Lakota Lake Lookout
1715.1 2320 feet Trail to the Lookout
1717.5 1910 feet Wintturi Shelter
1721.3 882 feet VT 12, Gulf Stream Bridge (Woodstock, VT 05091)
1722.8 820 feet Woodstock Stage Road (South Pomfret, VT 05067)
1725.0 980 feet Pomfret-South Pomfret Road
1726.8 1370 feet Cloudland Road
1728.8 1800 feet Thistle Hill
1729.1 1480 feet Thistle Hill Shelter
1730.6 1280 feet Joe Ranger Road
1733.9 390 feet White River, Iron Bridge, VT 14 (Hartford, VT 05084)
1734.5 540 feet Tigertown Road, Podunk Road
1735.3 860 feet Podunk Brook, Podunk Road
1737.9 1460 feet Happy Hill Shelter
1742.2 537 feet US 5 (Norwich, VT 05055)
1743.2 380 feet Connecticut River, Vermont/New Hampshire State Line

Appalachian Trail/Long Trail crossing Vermont 103

Clarendon Gorge from the Mill River Suspension Bridge


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