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Adams Eden

Rattlesnake Gulf & Bare Mountain


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There is an amazing place located in La Fayette, NY and it's not an apple farm.  This place has two truly unique landmarks located in Onondaga County called Bare Mountain and Rattlesnake Gulf.  Both are located within the friendly confines of Adams Eden Camp. 

NOTE: The property was recently sold and we are UNAWARE of the current situation here. 01/27/2017

This property was once home to farms and the area was once all fields, which is where the name "Bare" Mountain came from.  Later the property was owned by the Rescue Mission before being purchased by the Adams family.  Adams Eden Camp is a true gem in Onondaga County. We highly recommend a visit to this privately owned scenic place!

Adams Eden Camp offers year round camping and recreation.  Within its 328 acres are some of the most scenic views not only in Onondaga County but in Central New York as well.  For more information on Adams Eden Camp, go to their website at

Known more for Rattlesnake Gulf and its numerous waterfalls, many do not realize the amazing view from the overlook on Bare Mountain.  This is easily one of the most scenic views in Onondaga County.  The overlook is on a cliff created from the "mudslides" in 1993.  Exploring the area around the overlook you'll see boulders and other evidence of the slides.

NOTE: Blue Hole Falls is VERY DANGEROUS, off limits and tresspassers will be arrested without mercy. Someone parished there in June 2015. Be safe and stay away from that area.

Below we have pictures, a video and a topo map of a hike we did to the Overlook on Bare Mountain.  If you've never been to Adams Eden Camp, I would recommend a visit soon.  If you've been there and only seen the waterfalls, go back and make the hike to the Overlook.

Starting from Adams Eden Camp, located at 4812 Cook Rd. in La Fayette , NY , hikers may access the Overlook Trail by signing in at the Director’s Residence on the camp premises.  A one day access pass of $3 per person or $5 per family is required (well worth it) and also allows access to the other trails, a game room, the Mountain Meadow Maze, and boating in season. The camp also provides overnight lodging and Pavilion rentals as well as hiking trails.  

From the main area of the camp, hikers head East on the Wilderness Road for approximately 1 mile.  The Wilderness Road is a wide logging road which cuts through hardwoods on either side of the trail.  The Overlook Trail branches off from the Wilderness Road at approximately the 1 mile point and from that point you'll experience a steep, steady incline leading to a high meadow.  Now you'll follow the Overlook Trail signs around the outer perimeter of the meadow and ends with a gorgeous, panoramic view of the Tully Valley .  The Overlook Trail is an out and back trail approximately 1.5 miles to the overlook and then 1.5 miles back to the main area of camp. 

The Overlook Trail passes the Mountain Meadow Maze which is included in the one day access pass for interested hikers.  The Maze cuts through approximately 10 acres of the Upper Meadow and along the maze there are 30 symbols posted along the way. The goal of the maze is to find as many symbols as you can or at least as many as time will allow.  Game cards may be picked up at the Director’s Residence and the Mountain Meadow Maze can be played either cooperatively or competitively depending on your preference.  Hay rides are also an option that can be scheduled ahead of time for those who wish to do the Maze or view the Overlook without hiking.  Pictures, directions, and more information on the Overlook Trail and the Mountain Meadow Maze are available on the web at or by calling (315) 677-5121.   

Directions:  From Lafayette, NY take US 20 WEST past NY 11A, turn left on Case Hill Road (great views behind you as you climb the hill).  Follow Case Hill Road till it ends at Cook Road.  Turn left on Cook Road and follow road until it ends at Adams Eden Camp.  Pull into the camp and park in the parking area on your right.

Pictures from a hike to the Tully Valley Overlook

Walking the trail on Bare Mountain

Approaching the overlook on Bare Mountain

Tully Valley from the Bare Mountain overlook

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