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Allen Mountain


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The 4340 foot Allen Mountain is located in the High Peaks Wilderness and is one of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. The mountain does not have an official hiking trail, although most that hike to it's summit follow a herd path off the trail to Flowed Lands via Hanging Spear Falls. There is a spectacular view into Panther Gorge at the foot of Mount Marcy from the summit of Allen Mountain. This is a tough hike to one of the most remote ADK 46er.

The herd path is found after hiking about 5.2 miles along the trail to Flowed Lands via Hanging Spear Falls from the parking area about 0.6 miles south of Upper Works.  The herd path is marked with some flagging at first.  The herd path follows numerous old logging roads in the beginning with turns that you'll need to be careful of, watching for the flags.  If your planning to do a backpacking trip, remember that more than half of the hike is on private land.  You do not enter state land until about a mile along the herd path.  There are camping opportunities near Lower Twin Brook as well as Skylight Brook.  Be aware that during times of high water, Skylight Brook may be impassable.

From the parking area, you'll cross the Hudson River at 0.1 miles. At 0.6 miles cross Lake Jimmy on a log causeway. Turn right at 0.7 miles at the site of two cabins.  Cross the Opalescent River on a swinging footbridge at 3.8 miles. At 5.2 miles you'll find the herd path on your right. There are ribbons, tags and even homemade signs that help lead the way on the herd path. There are sections of the trail that pass through deep mud as you hike on level sections near Lower Twin Brook. 

After about a mile of hiking on the herd path, you finally reach the High Peaks Wilderness as you cross Lower Twin Brook.  There are camping opportunities near the brook.  Soon the trail will descend as it travels into the Skylight Brook basin. You'll ford a smaller tributary before reaching Skylight Brook. There are camping sites located near the brook. Cross the brook and begin a steady climb as you walk parallel to the brook although moving away from it. 

After 0.7 miles from crossing the brook you'll reach Allen Brook near a waterfall. The herd path now follows the brook as you steeply climb with the brook on your left. The path passes through the brook at times as the brook gets narrower the higher you climb. The brook also follows a slide, which will widen and become really steep. Here the path crosses the slide and a dribble of what is Allen Brook. Now keep the slide on your right and steep climbing continues until you reach a saddle at the foot of the lower, southern summit.

Now the herd path turns north on the ridge and in 0.1 mile you'll reach the wooded summit, almost 1.3 miles from Skylight Brook. It's worth exploring the summit area as you'll find lookouts with spectacular views.  One path that descends east leads about 50 feet to a lookout that features the Dix Range.  There is a view of Redfield from the north with yet another view located nearby of Panther Gorge.

We suggest that you check out High Peaks Trail Guide, Exploring the 46 Adirondack High Peaks, Trails of the Adirondack High Peaks and Adirondack High Peaks (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map) to help you plan your Adirondack hiking adventure. Be sure you plan properly and know your limits. Most injuries, rescues and unfortunate deaths happen in the Adirondack High Peaks than any other area of the state.


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