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Midlum Hill


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This great one mile section of the North Country Trail features the spectacular views of Midlum Hill as well as an old 1860's cemetery.  This easy two mile round trip hike has an overall elevation gain of 346 feet.  This section of the NCT coincides with the Onondaga Trail.  This whole hike is on PRIVATE PROPERTY.  The land owner asks hikers to be quiet during big game hunting season during the fall.

If your looking for more to explore, we suggest exploring Irish Hollow via the blue blazed NCT and the orange blazed Irish Hollow Trail.  There are a couple of small waterfalls and a very scenic area in Maxon Creek State Forest.  If you add this to your hike, this is a 600 foot elevation drop and 1.5 miles to the second waterfall along the Irish Hollow Trail.  A three mile difficult round trip hike.

Or try Cuyler Hill State Forest or Morgan Hill State Forest for additional exploring.  Both state forests are located nearby and are great places for hiking adventures. 

View from Midlum Hill

Park your vehicle at the end of Midlum Hill Spur Road where your not blocking any entrances.  The North Country Trail / Onondaga Trail travels right through the end of the road.  The spectacular views are just off to your left and you can check them out first or at the end of this hike.  We have this hike set up where you visit the main views at the end of the hike.

Old stile and trail register

From the end of the road follow the blue blazes straight ahead into a small field.  Soon the trail veers right into the woods.  You will need to keep track of the blue blazes because there are some tricky parts of the trail.  Pass a huge old tree and reach a trail register with an old stile just past at 0.2 miles.

Pipe line view along the North Country Trail

The trail soon follows along the edge of a field (tricky to follow when you exit the woods).  Don't follow the old road, follow the edge of the field and soon the trail goes back into the woods and descends.  At 0.35 miles there is an opening for a gas pipeline with a nice view.  You'll see how high up you are as you pass through the opening.  Check out the huge tree you'll pass as you enter the woods.

Large tree near pipe line view

The trail will soon turn right onto an old woods road at 0.45 miles and begin a consistent but gentle descent for the next 0.2 miles.  There are a few views through the trees.  The trail levels off before entering the edge of a field to ascend toward an old cemetery.  You pass by the cemetery on your left and reach a dirt driveway at 0.95 miles.

Old cemetery along the trail

Turn left onto the driveway and pass by the best view of the old cemetery.  As you walk down the driveway the views open up and surround you.  When you reach the Midlum Hill Road simply turn around and retrace your steps.  Look below for a map and video of this great hike.

NCT approaching Midlum Hill Road along driveway

Directions:  From Truxton take NY 13 north to Cuyler.  Turn right on Lincklaen Road and then right on Cuyler Hill Road.  Turn right on Midlum Hill Road, go around bend and soon right on Midlum Hill Spur Road.  Drive to the end of the road.  Park without blocking any entrances.  The GPS coordinates are N42 43.344 W75 55.653 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.


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