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The 19 acre Bigsby Drumlin Nature Reserve was donated to Save The County in 1982 by Mary Ormsby Bigsby in memory of her son, Gerald William Bigsby. Its main feature is the drumlin that dominates the property and provides a panoramic view of Syracuse.

The trails are not marked and at times aren't maintained, however its still worth the hike to the view.  It is a short 0.2 mile hike to the top of the drumlin and the view.  There is a bench to help enjoy the view of the Syracuse skyline.  There is an elevation gain of about 100 feet to the top.  There is two trails (that I saw) to the top.  One that goes 0.1 mile straight to the top or the one that goes 0.2 mile with a better grade to the top.  When entering the woods, turn right and follow the 0.2 mile trail.  There is a map, a video and a few pictures below.

Access is via the parking lot of the Taunton Memorial United Presbyterian Church at 4326 Fay Road in the Town of Onondaga, near Bishop Ludden High School. From the back of the parking lot, look for an opening in the trees at the base of the drumlin; that's where the trail begins. Please do not interfere with any of the church activities while in their parking lot.

Pictures from Bigsby Drumlin Nature Preserve

Start of the trail at edge of woods

Heading back toward the church parking lot

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