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Boreas Ponds


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The 20,758 acre Boreas Ponds Tract was opened to the public in the summer of 2016. The Boreas Ponds Tract is located between the North River Mountain Range to the west, the Boreas Mountain Range to the east, the High Peaks Wilderness to the north and Blue Ridge Road to the south. Spectacular views of Mount Marcy, Mount Haystack, Gothics and Saddleback Mountain can be seen from the Boreas Dam. The 3.6 mile hike to the dam is already a popular hiking destination.

There are leased camps still located on the tract that will remain until October 2018. The public is prohibited from entering and trespassing the camps that remain. The folks that still lease the camps are allowed to drive on the dirt roads. A large parking area was built on Gulf Brook Road to give hikers an opportunity to explore this new gem in the Adirondacks. The GPS coordinates of the parking area is N43 58.869 W73 54.053.

Right now the most popular hike is the hike to the dam, which features the spectacular view of Mount Marcy, Mount Haystack, Gothics as well as other high peaks. It is a 3.6 mile hike from the parking area to the dam or a 7.2 mile round trip. There is very little elevation change and you are following solid dirt roads the whole way. Look below for a description of this hike as well as a few pictures, map and video of this great hike.

Gulf Brook Road Parking Area to Boreas Pond Dam View Hike Description

From the large parking area go past the metal gate and follow the dirt road. There currently (fall 2016) no trail markers or trail register. There are no trail junction signs as well. Don't let this deter you. Follow the main dirt road from the parking area. At 2.6 miles reach a bridge over the Boreas River. There is a nice scenic view from the bridge. Soon you will reach a major junction. Turn right at the junction and at 2.75 miles pass one of the cabins that will remain until October 2018. There are no trespassing signs around the cabin. Continue to follow the dirt road.

At 3.5 miles reach another junction. The left fork has signs that says "No Access". It leads to the main compound for a camp. It will be off limits for the public until after October 2018. I am sure it will become a popular camping destination once the buildings are removed. To reach the Boreas Dam take the right fork. At 3.6 miles you will reach an open area that contains the dam. The views from the dam embankment are spectacular. For those who bring a kayak or canoe the 3.6 miles (you can use a cart or bike on the dirt road), you will be rewarded with the ability to explore Boreas Ponds up close. I did not see any established campsites near the dam, but I am sure there will be some soon enough.

The dirt road continues on for those who want to explore further. The road doesn't really come close to Boreas Ponds again until the furthest north, according to the DEC map below. Bikes are not allowed past the dam (not sure on the reasoning there since the road is a good gravel road). This is a destination that should be put on your hiking to do list.

View of the Gothics from the Boreas Dam

Mount Marcy and Mount Haystack from Boreas Ponds




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