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Hiking Options at Buttermilk Falls State Park.

OPTION 1:  Rim Trail to Gorge Trail Loop (1.72 miles).  The elevation profile is on map below.  From the lower parking area, ascend steeply on the rim trail and gain over 400 feet in about 0.4 miles.  At 0.5 miles veer left at the junction for the trail leading to a bridge over Buttermilk Creek.  At 0.8 miles reach King Rd, cross over bridge and descend down the Gorge Trail.  The Gorge Trail brings you back down to the swimming area and the lower parking area.  Total elevation gain is 460 feet for this hike.  This hike is a must if you visit the park.

OPTION 2:  Lake Treman Trail Loop (1.33 miles).  From the upper parking lot, ascend up the paved trail to Lake Treman.  At the Loop junction, turn right.  Soon after the Stone arch bridge (nice place for a break), reach a junction of an old woods road and turn left.  There are no trail markings so be careful to stay on the main trail.  When you reach the dam, you are nearly done.  At the Loop junction, turn right and return to the parking area.  Total elevation gain is 159 feet for this hike. In Nov 2010 the Dam area was closed, making this loop hike impossible. We're not sure if it has reopened.

OPTION 3:  Park Loop utilizing the Rim Trail, Bear Trail, Upper Park Road, Lake Treman Trail and Gorge Trail (4.77 miles) with an elevation gain/loss of over 600 feet.  From the lower Parking Lot, Ascend up Rim Trail up to King Rd.  Then cross bridge and turn left on Bear Trail.  At end of Bear Trail, turn right on Upper Park Rd and follow 0.2 miles to start of Lake Treman Trail (near restrooms).  Do loop around lake (as explained in Option 2 above), return to Upper Park Rd.  Back down Bear Trail to King Road and cross King Road and descend down Gorge Trail.

Stairs for the Gorge Trail near King Road




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