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Nestled between Nine Mile Creek and a wooded hillside near Camillus, New York you’ll find the Camillus Erie Canal Park and a special section of the Old Erie Canal Trail.  This special park is a living history of the Old Erie Canal, including a rebuilt aqueduct over Nine Mile Creek.

Established is 1972, the Park is part of the Town of Camillus Park system as well as part of the Erie Canal Heritage Trail.  Offering visitors a variety of informational and entertaining options ranging from over 10 miles of scenic wooded paths and walkways, to boat rides along the historic Erie Canal, the Park is the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll or an evening diner cruise.

The Sims Store Museum combines the old-fashioned charm of a canal store complete with exhibits, early photos, maps of the canal with models of locks, aqueducts and canal boats. The Steam Engine Exhibit is a truly unique opportunity to see a fully restored, turn-of-the-century steam powered power plant and learn about the technology that was “hot” during the industrial revolution of America.

A restoration project was completed in 2009 on the Nine Mile Aqueduct.  You can now see what the old canal aqueducts looked like originally.  The main Old Erie Canal Trail runs 4.1 miles from Newport Rd to NY 173.

South Towpath Trail at Camillus Erie Canal Park

Trails within Camillus Erie Canal Park

Old Erie Canal Trail (4.1 miles) - From Newport Road to NY 173, this is the main trail following the old Erie Canal.

South Towpath Trail (3.25 miles) - From Newport Road to the Nine Mile Aqueduct.  This trail follows the south side of the canal.  This trail gives access to the Feeder Trail and Trillium Trail.  As of 03/2009 this trail dead ends at the Nine Mile Aqueduct. Who hope to see a bridge over the aqueduct in order to create a pleasant loop hike/bike.

Clinton's Ditch Trail (0.5 mile) - Explore the original "ditch" by following this short trail.

Feeder Trail (0.3 mile) - Take a loop around a feeder canal.

Trillium Trail (0.5 mile) - Take a walk away from the canal.

Directions:  From the village of Camillus take Newport Rd north.  Turn right on Devoe Rd to main section of park.  You can also take NY 5 West to the Newport Rd Exit.
Mile Elevation Old Erie Canal Trail Description Newport Rd to NY 173
0.0 410 ft

Old Erie Canal Trail crosses Newport Road.

2.1 408 ft

Cross Devoe Road.  Parking. 

2.2 409 ft

Sims Museum on left.  Clinton Ditch Trail on left.

2.7 404 ft

Clinton Ditch Trail on left.

3.2 400 ft

Nine Mile Aqueduct.  Parking off Thompson Road.

4.1 409 ft

Warners Rd/NY 173.  End of continuous Trail.  Currently the Old Erie Canal begins again off Butternut Drive in Dewitt.

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