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Hiking in Adirondack Park
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What's in a name?  The DEC sign at the start of this hike says Chalis Pond.  Maps and guide books call it Challis Pond.  The pond gets its name from an early pioneer named Timothy Challis.  The little known 0.65 mile trail to scenic Challis Pond has an overall elevation gain of 227 feet.  The hike is uphill most of the way, but is for the most part along a gentle grade on a beautiful trail.  Don't pass up this great hike.

There is safe shoulder parking along the side of Ensign Pond Road (County Route 4).  The GPS coordinates for the start of the Challis Pond Trail is N43 59.542 W73 39.836 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.  There is a DEC sign along the side of the road at the start of the trail.

The Challis Pond Trail is easy to follow, there are red DEC discs to assist in following the trail never the less.  The trail heads uphill for the first 0.6 miles, although gently.  The trail then drops as it heads toward the pond, passing a campsite on the right and then another campsite closer to the pond on the left.  The main trail ends at the pond, however we have read that there is a faint trail that circles the pond.  We did not explore this.

This short, east hike can be enjoyed by everyone in your family.  We would suggest a picnic along the shore of this scenic pond.  This hike could be done along with the numerous hiking opportunities just to the east along Ensign Pond Road (County Route 4).  Bass Lake, Moose Mountain Pond, Berrymill Pond, Hammond Pond and Bloody Pond can all be enjoyed on a long day hiking day or mountain biking day (as all the trails are multi-use except for Challis Pond Trail).

Directions:  I-87 to Exit 29, then US 9 North 2.4 miles to County Route 4 turning right. In 0.2 miles turn right onto Ensign Pond Road (still County Route 4).  In 2.6 miles there will be a small pulloff along the right shoulder of the road at a small DEC sign, marking the "Chalis Pond" hike.

Look below for a few pictures, a video and a couple of maps of this great hike.


Trail register near the start of this hike

The easy to follow Challis Pond Trail

Campsite along the Challis Pond Trail



Hiking in Adirondack Park

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