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Another original 46er whose elevation was adjusted after later USGS surveys.  Now listed at 3960 feet, the peak still ranks 46th and is still a required climb for the ADK 46er club.  There are no maintained trails to the summit.  No views at the summit make this a popular hike only for 46ers, however there are a few surprising views from the "cliffs". 

There is one established but very wet herd path that heads to the summit. This path is notoriously wet and in poor condition.  This is a very rough area and the herd path is very poor so a map plus compass are essential for this climb.  Be prepared for blow downs and a tough hike.

The hike begins following the abandoned Twin Brook Trail, which starts just to the south of the former site of the Twin Brook Lean To (This lean to was taken down after the microburst storm of 1995).  The trail in to the former lean to site is now very open and there are a lot of raspberries in season.  Watch out for BEARS! It should not be hard to miss as it is directly behind the old lean-to site and is an old corduroy road (logs laid side by side over wet ground) going straight through a swampy area.

Follow this old trail until the height of land is reached between Cliff and Redfield. There should be a cairn on the right marking the herd path heading to the top of Cliff.  Follow the herd path heading due west up the peak, trying to keep to the right of the higher cliffs. You should eventually reach the northeast summit after going up a rather steep cliff and from there follow the summit ridge southeast to the summit.



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