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Colgate Lake
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The small 1500 acre Colgate Lake Wild Forest features the scenic Colgate Lake. The lake is popular for fishing, kayaking and primitive camping. There is one marked trail located in the wild forest as well as some unmarked trails. The yellow marked Colgate Lake Trail travels just over four miles to Dutcher Notch and the Escarpment Trail. The hidden Colgate Lake Wild Forest can be difficult to find for some. The wild forest is almost surrounded by the Windham Blackhead Range Wilderness Area.

The Colgate Lake Trail features a 15 foot waterfall that is located about 150 feet off the trail that most hikers pass right by. To find more information about hiking the Colgate Lake Trail from the Catskill Mountaineer website.  The GPS coordinates are N42 14.288 W74 07.310 to a large DEC parking area located just west of Colgate Lake. There is another parking area further east, past the lake. That is the main Colgate Lake Trail trailhead. The GPS coordinates for that parking area (shown as DEC Parking Area #2 on map below) are N42 14.330 W74 06.981.

There are other unmarked trails and herd paths in the area, including a trail that we saw that went over the dam bridge and continued on into a field. We believe this trail follows an old road that skirts the slope of Star Rock. The Colgate Lake Trail gets very little traffic, however don't let this deter you from exploring this great trail as well as this scenic area. We recommend anyone staying at North-South Lake Campground, as well as those in the Hunter-Tannersville area to make the short trip to Colgate Lake. This is a great place to put down a blanket and have a picnic.

Directions: From Tannersville take Hill Street aka County Route 23C north out of town. Veer left at the junction of County Route 25. Turn right on County Route 78. Follow CR 78 to the parking areas.

Bridge at the dam/outlet of Colgate Lake


DEC Map at the Kiosk near Colgate Lake fishing platform.

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