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Conservation Trail

NY 5 to Akron Falls


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This 5.9 mile section of the Conservation Trail begins near where the New York State Thruway bridge crosses NY 5.  The orange blazes of the Conservation Trail leaves NY 5 and briefly follows near the noisy NYS Thruway.  The trail will leave the closeness of the highway and pass a pond as you make your way toward a power line. Turn left on the dirt road under power line.

This power line right of way is a railroad grade of the old Peanut Line of the NY Central Railroad that was abandoned in the 1970's.  Soon cross Lake Road aka Genesee County Route 4.  There is limited parking available at this road crossing.  The trail continues to follow this power line / old Peanut Line for nearly another two miles before turning right and following a power line branch to Knapp Road.

The trail now follows road to Akron Falls County Park.  There is plenty of parking at the park.  The CT follows the park nature trail to Brooklyn Street.  The trail now follows this road and Jackson Street to a junction of a rail trail.  This is the end of this section of trail.  The CT does turn left to follow the rail trail.

From here to Niagara Falls the Conservation Trail for the most part follows old railroad grades that are now bike trails or multi-use trails.  The trail enters an increasingly developing area of Erie County.  While there are limited trailside camping opportunities, there are motels available near the trail.

Volunteers from the Foothills Trail Club built and maintain the Conservation Trail.  The Foothills Trail Club was founded in 1962 by a few hikers and outdoors enthusiasts who wanted to build a trail from Allegany State Park to Lake Ontario.  This is the Conservation Trail.

You can purchase official maps and guides directly from the Finger Lakes Trail Conference website.  Look below for pictures, a map and a description of the trail.

Lower Akron Falls courtesy of Kirk Doyle


0.0        NY 5 at Thruway underpass.  The trail leaves NY 5 and follows close to Thruway along drive.

0.25      Turn left off drive into pines.   

0.35      Left back onto drive.

0.45      Pond on right

0.65      Trail turns left.

0.75      Trail turns right.

0.9        Reach power lines.  Turn left following dirt road.

1.4        Cross Lake Road aka County Route 4.

3.25      Turn right, following a branch of the power lines.        

3.5        Turn left on Knap Road.

3.8        Turn left on Crittenden Road

4.0        Cross Murder Creek and then right on Skyline Drive.

4.3        Turn right into Akron Falls County Park

5.4        Reach Brooklyn Street

5.65      Cross NY 93.  Now on Jackson Street

5.9        Reach rail trail crossing.  End of this section.  CT turns left here.

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