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Conservation Trail

Fancy Tract Rd to NY 39


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Is the southern terminus of the Conservation Trail at the NY/PA border in Allegany State Park or is it 55 miles further at the Conservation Trail break from the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail just north of Fancy Tract Road near Endicottville, NY?  Since the official FLTC website lists the CT on their official maps from the NY/PA border, we follow the Conservation Trail from this point.  However, this section includes the official "break" of the CT from the main FLT/NCT.

A trail reroute from the FLTC posted on 6/2/2010:

6/2/10 on Map CT5 - Due to loss of a landowner permission the Conservation Trail has been rerouted just north of Access 2 on CT5. Hiking south to north existing trail turns left (north) off of Folts Rd. at Access 2. In ~0.2 mile the new trail turns right (east) from existing trail to reach Folts Rd. in ~0.3 mile where it turns left (north) on Folts Rd. for ~0.4 mile. Where Folts Rd. turns right (east) the new trail heads northwest for ~0.3 mile to join existing trail. The reroute is finished and blazed orange.


A trail reroute from the FLTC posted on 9/29/2011:

At the request of a private landowner the Conservation Trail is closed from where Folts Rd. turns from north to east (present map mileage 3.5, which is NNE of Access 2) to Access 3 (mileage 5.1). Northbound, from mileage 3.5, please follow Folts Rd. east, then Bolton Rd. north to Access 3. The Bunic Bivouac Area can still be accessed by heading west 0.3 mile from Access 3.  -

This 14.7 mile section begins as the CT/FLT/NCT leaves Fancy Tract Road and you start out following white blazes.  In 0.6 mile you reach the CT/FLT/NCT break/junction, marked with a sign.  Be aware that the Conservation Trail is closed for HUNTING its first 0.9 mile from April 15 - June 1 and then again from September 1 - January 1.  You are now following the orange blazes of the Conservation Trail.  Much of this section of the CT is on private property.

There is yet another trail closure along this section from October 1 - December 22, however this closure also has a nice blue blazed hunting by-pass trail.  Using the bypass trail as well as the Conservation Trail, one can create a pleasant 4.5 mile loop hike.  There is a lean-to along the main Conservation Trail and some fantastic views behind the lean-to.

View behind lean to (picture courtesy of Kirk Doyle)

The trail winds its way north toward Riceville and Gooseneck Creek.  Here you have a 2.7 mile road walk before the trail re-enters the woods for off road walking.  The last 1.1 miles of this section of the CT is walking along a road and as you cross Cattaraugus Creek on Hecht's Bridge you enter Erie County.  Shortly you reach NY 39 and the end of this section.

View from Roszyk Hill Road looking southwest (picture courtesy of Kirk Doyle)

Volunteers from the Foothills Trail Club built and maintain the Conservation Trail.  The Foothills Trail Club was founded in 1962 by a few hikers and outdoors enthusiasts who wanted to build a trail from Allegany State Park to Lake Ontario.  This is the Conservation Trail.

You can purchase official maps and guides directly from the Finger Lakes Trail Conference website.  Look below for a map and a description of the trail. 

Miles   Elevation   Description

0.0        1745 ft        The FLT/NCT/CT turns left off Fancy Tract Road.

0.6        1747 ft        Split of CT (orange blazes) and FLT/NCT (white blazes).  NOTE: This section of the Conservation Trail is closed for HUNTING from this point to Kruse Hill Rd, from April 15-June 1 and Sept 1 to Jan 1.

1.5        1734 ft        Turn right on Kruse Hill Road.

2.5        1721 ft        Junction of Kruse Hill Road and Canada Hill Road.  A blue blazed Hunting By-Pass Trail turns right and follows Canada Hill Rd.  The Hunting By-Pass Trail is 2.9 miles long and should be used from Oct 1-Dec 22.  It can also be used to create a pleasant 4.5 mile loop hike. 

3.4        1976 ft        Trail leaves road on left.  Follow orange blazes into woods.

3.8        1994 ft        As trail goes right, lean-to on left.  A few hundred feet behind lean-to are fantastic views.

4.1        1986 ft        Reach Roszyk Hill Rd (County Route 16) and turn right following road 0.1 mile until you come to pinewoods on your left.  Follow orange blazes into the pines.

5.3        1853 ft        Cross Felton Hill Road.

8.7        1519 ft        Turn left on Riceville Road.

8.8        1520 ft        Cross Gooseneck Road, turn right onto Beech Tree Road.  Following road.

11.1      1488 ft        Turn right on Folts Road.   

11.4      1400 ft        Trail turns left off road on woods lane.

13.3      1381 ft        Trail turns right.   

13.6      1398 ft        Reach and turn left on Bolton (Townline) Road.

14.7      1210 ft        Cross Cattaraugus Creek on Hecht's Bridge and enter Erie County.  In fifty feet reach NY 39 and end of this section.

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