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The American Hiking Society and the National Park Service named Perinton, NY one of the top ten Trail Towns in the USA.  The thirty-five mile Crescent Trail System is the premier footpath in the town.  A continuous orange blazed trail is nearly completed, which was planned as a crescent shaped route from southwest to northeast Perinton.  Other blazed trails are available as branch, connector or loop trails of this popular trail system.

The Crescent Trail Association has created a map that breaks the trail into a south section and an east section.  You'll find links that lead to the Town of Perinton website that feature the maps at the top of this page.  Look below for some of the main features of the trail.

The South Section of the Crescent Trail System features:

  • A continuous segment of the orange-blazed main trail between the historic hamlets of Bushnell's Basin and Egypt that travels eleven miles.
  • A bridge link to the Erie Canal Heritage Trail.
  • Trails within the parklands of Powder Mills Park, and the main Crescent Trail connection between Kreag Road Park, McCoord Woods, the Horizon Hill Conservation Area, Woodcliff, and the Indian Hill and Thayer Hill Recreation Areas.
  • Spectacular views from the summits of Horizon Hill (825'), Indian Hill (7l4'), and Thayer Hill (714').

The East Section of the Crescent Trail System features:

  • A continuous segment of the orange-blazed main trail between the hamlet of Egypt, the RS&E Trolley Trail, the White Brook Nature Area and the Erie Canal Heritage Trail (at Lyndon Road bridge) that travels four miles.  Additional segments of the main trail extend north of the canal and will link eventually with other trails at High Acres and Howell Road Park.
  • Cattail marsh wetlands, ponds, forested swamps and wet meadows at Mason Valley and the White Brook basin rich in their diversity of plant, bird and animal life.
  • A four-mile branch trail along the south bank of the Erie Canal between Turk Hill Road and the Monroe-Wayne County line.
  • The RS&E Trolley Trail, which connects the Crescent Trail system with Egypt Park, Lollypop Farm, Perinton Center Park, and the Perinton Community Center.  

The Crescent Trail System is well maintained and well marked

A popular 2.1 mile loop hike utilizing the Crescent Trail System in Horizon Hill Conservation Area can be found in the hiking guide book Best Easy Day Hikes Rochester, NY and features a couple of overlooks with a sweeping vista of the area.

You'll find the trailhead for th start of this hike by taking exit 27 from I-490 (Bushnell's Basin).  Turn left at the end of the exit ramp on NY 96 and soon turn left on Gamsey Road.  Take Gamsey Road to the Horizon Hill Conservation Area parking area.  For those who have a GPS the coordinates are N43 03.168 W77 27.830 to the parking area.

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