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Cuyler Hill


The 5507 acre Cuyler Hill State Forest is located in the towns of Cuyler and Taylor on the Northeastern border of Cortland and Chenango County. It is a popular area for activities like hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, fishing, camping, bird watching and nature viewing.  This state forest doesn't receive the traffic as it's nearby neighbor, Morgan Hill State Forest, making Cuyler Hill State Forest a great place to get away from it all and explore.  Good seasonal dirt roads travel into the state forest making it easy to access this scenic place.

The elevation of the state forest ranges from 1,245 to 2,080 feet, and is a fantastic place to see ruffed grouse, rabbits, white tail deer, different song birds and a wide variety of small mammals.  A section of the forest was established as a natural area in 1969 by Regional Forester Al Roberts to preserve the natural landscape. Cuyler Hill Natural Area now covers approximately 20 acres and will forever remain an area where no trees will be cut.  You can visit this special area via the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail between Jipson Hill Rd and Potter Hill-Cemetery Rd.

Camping is free in this state forest as it is in most other state forests with the same rules as other state lands from the DEC which include camping allowed anywhere in the forest as long as you are at least 150 feet from any road, trail or water.  A secluded camping spot is located in Rose Hollow as well as another in Wiltsey Glen along the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail.

Other good camping spots are located along seasonal dirt Potter Hill-Cemetery Road, including a spot at the "four corners" of Randall Hill Rd as well as a spot above a small pond.  You'll find other good spots along the road at recent clear cut areas. You can find more info on Cuyler Hill State Forest from the NY DEC website.


Cuyler Hill State Forest currently has 8.5 miles of the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country National Scenic Trail, part of which runs through the 20 acre Cuyler Hill Natural Area. There is also a short trail that leads into Rose Hollow

The southern terminus of the Onondaga Trail is located in the eastern part of the state forest.  You'll also find the orange blazed Chippewa Falls Trail at the southern terminus of the blue blazed Onondaga Trail plus the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail.  The spot where the three trails meet is known as "Three Trails Junction".  The Finger Lakes Trail ends here due to trail closure on private property.  The FLT starts back off road in Mariposa State Forest.

Approximately 12.5 miles of snowmobile trails cross the forest that are part of the New York State Corridor Trails 5C and 7A which provide snowmobile access between DeRuyter and Pitcher.

Hiking Options in Cuyler Hill State Forest

Wiltsey Glen Loop Wiltsey Glen Figure 8 Loop Randall Hill Loop Chippewa Falls Trail
Cuyler Hill State Forest Loop FLT/NCT in Cuyler Hill State Forest Rose Hollow Onondaga Trail


Cuyler Hill State Forest can be accessed by taking NY 13 to Cheningo Road. Follow Cheningo Road South about 4.7 miles, then turn left (east) on to Cheningo Solon Pond Road. Head east about 3.6 miles until Cuyler Hill Road and turn left (northeast).

Travel northeast about 1.2 miles and turn east onto Randall Hill Road. Follow Randall Hill about 2.2 miles until you reach the Cuyler Hill Public Forest Access Road, which runs the entirety of the forest in a north-south direction. Parking is available but limited from the shoulder of the road.

Large tree along the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail

Secluded campsite in Rose Hollow

Campsite at corner of PotterHill-Cemetery Rd and Randall Hill Rd

A map of the northern section of Cuyler Hill State Forest

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