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Chicken Coop Loop


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The Chicken Coop Loop is a 3.6 mile loop hike located in the Finger Lakes National Forest. This loop features 2.6 miles of the Chicken Coop Trail and one mile of the Interloken Trail. This loop hike features Foster Pond, Potomac Wildlife Pond, the Potomac Group Campground, and various types of forests. This area is a popular game bird hunting area, so be sure to know the hunting seasons. There is an overall elevation gain of 305 feet for this easy to moderate hike that most people in your family can enjoy.

Start this hike from the Foster Pond Parking Area located near the intersection of seasonal dirt Chicken Coop Road and Potomac Road. The GPS coordinates of this parking area is N42 30.003 W76 47.396. From the parking area, head south down dirt Potomac Road (turn right from parking area) a short distance to the crossing of the blue blazed Chicken Coop Trail (aka Potomac Trail). Turn left and follow the blue blazed foot path.

At 0.4 miles reach the junction of the main Potomac Trail on your right. If you wanted to shorten your loop hike, you could turn right and follow the main trail past the pond to link back up to the trail you are following. This would create a 2.8 mile loop hike instead. Continue straight (left) away from the pond and begin to descend. At 0.75 miles the trail begins to climb again, back up to the Potomac Pond. At 1.35 miles reach the junction on the right of the main Potomac Trail. Turn left and soon the main Potomac Trail turns right toward the Potomac Group Campground. Stay straight.

The trail loops around and reaches the Potomac Group Campground at 1.5 miles, where you'll turn left and then another quick left. The trail now descends and you'll reach the southern crossing of the dirt Potomac Road at 1.9 miles. There is some shoulder parking for those who want different starting option to this loop hike. The GPS coordinates are N42 29.265 W76 47.469. Cross the road and continue on the blue marked Chicken Coop Trail aka Potomac Trail. The sign says it's a quarter mile to the Interloken Trail, it's actually more like a half a mile.

The trail now climbs and reaches the orange blazed Interloken Trail at 2.4 miles. Turn right and follow the orange blazed Interloken Trail. At 2.85 miles the trail turns right and then left. At 3.15 miles reach the junction of the main Potomac Trail on your right. Continue on the Interloken Trail. At 3.4 miles reach the Chicken Coop Trail on the right. Foster Pond is the pond you see. Turn right and follow the Chicken Coop Trail aka Potomac Trail. At 3.6 miles reach Potomac Road and the end of this loop hike. Turn left and follow the dirt road a short distance to the parking area.

Sign for Foster Pond along the Chicken Coop Loop

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