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The Interloken Trail is part of the 900+ mile Finger Lakes Trail System. It is a 11.1 mile trail located completely in the Finger Lakes National Forest. The FLNF is located just northeast of Watkins Glen off the east shore of Seneca Lake. It is in Seneca and Schuyler Counties. This is the longest of the hiking trails in Finger Lakes National Forest as well as the most popular. The trail is blazed orange. There is an overall elevation gain of just over 500 feet for this trail.

There are numerous other hiking trails within the National Forest. You can either do the whole 11.1 mile Interloken Trail (two cars suggested), create your own loops or just do a part of the trail. Primitive camping is allowed in the National Forest and there is the Blueberry Campground ($10 fee), plus there is a Bed & Breakfast located right next to the FLNF called The Red House Country Inn.  A great two day or weekend getaway if your interested in visiting this wonderful National Forest.

The rules for primitive camping in Finger Lakes National Forest is that you set up camp at least 50 feet away from any road, trail or water source in the national forest.  There are a few road side spots you'll see, especially along Burnt Hill Road. This type of primitive camping is FREE. The Interloken Trail traverses the National Forest from north to south and is a branch of the Finger Lakes Trail System. It passes through various terrain and vegetation. Southern portions are somewhat steeper and more forested; northern portions are flatter, more open, and travel through pasture lands. Please close gates behind you. This trail can be wet in the spring and fall.

Plan a stop at the Foster Pond and Teeter Pond areas or make a shorter loop hike with one of the several intersecting trails. There are outstanding views to the west, including views of Seneca Lake. Please practice Leave No Trace ethics, such as carry out what you carry in. Horses are allowed on the trail from the southern end of the trail to the Burnt Hill Trail.

Note: Trails are closed to horse users from March 15th thru May 1st due to muddy conditions.

Look below for a few videos from the trail as well as a description and map.

Mile Elevation Interloken Trail Description (South to North)
0.0 1603 feet Burnt Hill Road. Trailhead parking to the north. GPS coordinates are N42 26.595 W76 48.806
0.15 1669 feet Junction of North Country Trail/Finger Lakes Trail. Continue straight.
0.75 1706 feet Junction of the South Slope Trail on your left.
1.15 1702 feet Trail passes close to a parking area off Burnt Hill Road. GPS N42 27.261 W76 48.368
1.5 1690 feet Junction of the Gorge Trail on the left. Turn right.
1.6 1647 feet Interloken Trail turns left. Gorge Trail continues straight.
2.1 1786 feet Junction of the Burnt Hill Trail. Interloken Trail continues straight.
2.6 1826 feet Campsite. Cross Matthews Road. Soon enter through gate into cow pasture (CLOSE GATE). Views.
2.9 1777 feet Pass though gate (CLOSE GATE). Enter forest.
3.45 1780 feet Junction of the Ravine Trail on your left.
3.8 1798 feet Reach Picnic Area Road. Shoulder parking. GPS N42 29.066 W76 48.007 Turn right and follow road. Backbone Trail goes left.
4.0 1800 feet Pass Blueberry Campground and soon turn left off road. Parking area. GPS N42 29.044 W76 47.935 Burnt Hill Trail goes right off road.
4.15 1801 feet Junction of the Chicken Coop Trail on the right. Continue straight.
4.8 1791 feet Junction of the Potomac Trail on the right. Continue straight.
5.1 1825 feet Junction of the Chicken Coop Trail on the right. Continue straight. Pass Foster Pond on your right.
5.3 1813 feet Junction of Backbone Trail. Continue straight.
6.5 1845 feet Cross Backbone Trail again.
6.6 1856 feet Highest point along the Interloken Trail.
7.6 1742 feet Cross County Route 1, pass through gate (CLOSE GATE). Soon view.
Shoulder parking. GPS N42 31.733 W76 47.707
7.9 1719 feet Pass through gate and enter forest. (CLOSE GATE)
8.7 1657 feet Teter Pond on your left.
8.9 1629 feet Parking area. GPS N42 32.642 W76 47.975 Trail crosses the No-Tan-Takto Trail. Reach and cross Seneca Road, following old road.
9.2 1604 feet View.
9.5 1497 feet Turn right off old road
9.9 1489 feet Cross Townsend Road.
11.1 1542 feet Parking area off Parmenter Road. This is also the northern terminus of the No-Tan-Takto Trail. Parking area. GPS coordinates are N42 34.326 W76 47.652


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