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This six mile section of the Finger Lakes Trail takes you to the gateway of Bainbridge, NY and the Susquehanna River. It is suggested to bypass (using Case Road to NY 206) this section in the spring or when there is high water as there are swampy sections and some difficult stream crossings on Newton Brook. This whole section of the Finger Lakes Trail is on private property and there is no camping allowed at anytime along this section of the trail.

The trail turns right off Case Road south of Cooper School House Road, passes some wet and swampy areas before crossing Town Line Road.  The trail goes up a driveway, turns right, goes around a fence and heads toward a lone power pole in a field.  The trail reaches Case Road, turns right and follows the road for 0.15 mile before turning left off the road.

The trail crosses Searles Hill Road and follows a fence line briefly, then crosses Case Road.  There are views (see panorama above) at the road crossing, then the trail turns left shortly after crossing the road and passing by a yard.  Now the trail heads straight for awhile before veering right, then soon left for its descent into Newton Brook Glen.

The trail crosses Newton Brook twice before heading back to Case Road.  The trail now follows Case Road north before turning right back into the woods.  The trail follows a number of woods roads before descending steeply to cross Newton Brook one last time and then ascends steeply up to the Welcome to Bainbridge sign on NY 206.

For through hikers the trail now follows NY 206.  Follow NY 206 into Bainbridge, NY and its restaurants, supermarket, convenience store, campground and a motel.  This is a popular stopping place for through hikers of the Finger Lakes Trail.  The next off road section of the FLT begins soon after passing under I-88 on NY 206.

Look below for a few pictures, a video, map and detailed description of this great section of the Finger Lakes Trail.  You'll find this section of trail on Map M26 from the FLTC.

Directions:  From Bainbridge take NY 206 west then right on Case Road.  The trail crosses Case Road four times before the road ends at Cooper School House Road.  There is good parking at the Welcome to Bainbridge sign on NY 206.  The GPS coordinates are N42 18.023 W75 29.473 for those who have a devise in their vehicle.

Sign at trailhead off NY 206

Newton Brook

On the trail near Case Road


Mile Elevation Trail Description (follow white blazes)
0.0 1535 feet

Trail turns right off Case Road just south of Cooper School House Road.

0.5 1539 feet

Cross Town Line Road, trail goes up a driveway then right around fence and heads toward lone power pole in the field.  Parking.

0.8 1624 feet

Trail turns right.

1.0 1670 feet

Trail veers left.

1.2 1629 feet

Turn right on Case Road.

1.35 1625 feet

Trail turns left off Case Road.

1.7 1545 feet

Trail register.

1.8 1542 feet

Cross Searles Hill Road and follow fence line.

2.05 1535 feet

Begin ascent toward Case Road.

2.15 1595 feet

Trail turns right.

2.3 1675 feet

Cross Case Road.  Views.  Trail will make sharp left turn shortly.

2.6 1606 feet

Trail veers right.

2.9 1592 feet

Begin descent into Newton Brook Glen.

3.5 1376 feet

Cross Newton Brook.  Watch blazes carefully.

3.7 1333 feet

Cross Newton Brook again.

4.1 1309 feet

Trail register.

4.2 1309 feet

Reach Case Road and turn left on Case Road. 

4.4 1406 feet

Turn right off road and enter woods.

4.5 1478 feet

Turn right on woods road.

4.6 1460 feet

Pass the edge of field with some views.

5.0 1422 feet

After descending steeply into gully, cross small stream then ascend out of gully.

5.2 1430 feet

Just before reaching meadow turn right off woods road into woods.

5.3 1452 feet

Turn right on woods road. View of meadow on left.

5.6 1383 feet

Veer left and follow washed out section of old road. Disregard yellow tape and arrows to the right.

5.75 1283 feet

Pass by old car.

5.8 1247 feet

Turn right off woods road and descend very steeply toward Newton Brook.

5.9 1134 feet

Cross Newton Brook and ascend very steeply toward NY 206.

6.0 1191 feet

NY 206 and the Welcome to Bainbridge sign. Parking. Turn left and follow NY 206 into Bainbridge, then across the Susquehanna River.  For a continuation of the Finger Lakes Trail see the Susquehanna River section.


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