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This 5.65 mile section of the Finger Lakes Trail passes through two state forests and private property.  This section of trail offers moderate hiking that begins by turning right off Brooks Bank Road and enters Basswood State Forest at the state forest boundary just past the Northrup Farm.  There is limited parking. The trail enters crossing an old stone wall.  This stretch of the FLT is featured on Map M25 from the FLTC.

Just before hiking a half mile the trail crosses Shapley Brook.  This can be a very difficult crossing in high water and it is recommended to take the high water bypass route.  This bypass is via Puckerville Road and a short trail that leads back to the FLT.  The trail passes a multi use DEC Trail on your right that leads back to Puckerville Road near the corner of Crouch Road.

The trail reaches a DEC Road and follows it for 0.1 mile before turning right into the forest.  The FLT now crosses a stream, enters private property, crosses another stream and then enters the 1240 acre Wiley Brook State Forest.  The trail will cross Shapley Road, where there is some parking at a kiosk.  The trail crosses a wet area before re-entering the forest.

A blue blazed trail soon appears on your right that leads to Wiley Pond (see panorama above) and a camping area.  The FLT then skirts near Mud Pond before leaving the state forest briefly to cross private property before crossing back into the state forest.  In another 0.5 mile the trail will leave Wiley Brook State Forest for the final time, soon following near a streambed and then an access road to Cooper School House Road.

Look below for a few pictures, a video of a hike from Shapely Rd to Wiley Pond, a couple of maps and a detailed description of this section of the FLT.

Directions:  From Oxford, NY take County Route 35 then right on County Route 27 to the corner of Basswood Road and Brooks Bank Road.  Turn left on Brooks Bank Road, go past Puckerville Road to just past the Northrup Farm and the start of Basswood State Forest.

FLT leaving Brook Banks Road and entering Basswood State Forest

FLT in Wiley Brook State Forest

Mile Elevation Trail Description (follow white blazes)
0.0 1264 feet

Trail turns right off Brooks Bank Road just past Northrup farm and enter Basswood State Forest.  Limited Parking.

0.45 1249 feet

Cross Shapley Brook.  This can be a dangerous crossing during high water times.  Use blue blazed high water route along Puckerville Road.

0.7 1302 feet

Trail veers right.

0.8 1293 feet

Trail turns left.  Soon blue blazed high water bypass trail comes in from the right.

1.5 1499 feet

Trail turns right toward DEC Road, then reach road and turn left following road.

1.6 1519 feet

Trail turns right off DEC Road.

2.0 1491 feet

Cross stream.

2.2 1590 feet

Leave Basswood State Forest, enter private property.

2.3 1536 feet

Cross stream.

2.8 1615 feet

Enter Wiley Brook State Forest.

3.6 1613 feet

Cross Shapley Road.  Kiosk.  Parking.

3.95 1635 feet

Blue blazed trail that leads 0.1 mile to a pond and camping area on your right.

4.2 1623 feet

Enter private property briefly.

4.3 1626 feet

Reenter Wiley Brook State Forest.

4.7 1634 feet

Trail turns left.

4.8 1656 feet

Leave Wiley Brook State Forest and enter private property.

4.9 1656 feet

Begin descent toward Cooper School House Road.

5.05 1557 feet

Trail turns right and follows near a stream bed.  Continue to descend along access road.

5.65 1444 feet

Reach Cooper School House Road and the end of this section.  For a continuation see the Bainbridge section.


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