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Hike: Robinson Wildlife Sanctuary Outer Loop

Date:  May 17, 2010

Length of hike 6.0 mile loop

Location:  Swain, NY

Trailhead:  Small parking area on Monegan Road

Trailhead Coordinates:  N42 27.479 W77 50.407

Name of Trails:  Finger Lakes/North Country Trail, Yellow Trail, Blue Trail & Orange Trail

Hike Difficulty:  Moderate

Hike Elevation Gain:  753 feet

Trail Conditions:  Wet sections including some extremely wet/muddy sections.

Features:  Scenic streams, ravines, open fields, panoramic views

You have numerous loop options when deciding your hike in the privately owned Robinson Wildlife Sanctuary.  We'll make your decision easier with what we believe is a loop hike that features a little bit of everything in this beautiful place.  We call this six mile moderate hike the Robinson Wildlife Sanctuary Outer Loop.  It simply follows the outer trails.

You'll find an old railroad bed that the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail follows through the sanctuary.  You'll climb the blue blazed trail to open fields and panoramic views.  Then it's onto the orange blazed trail, first climbing to a high point and a wet, boggy section of trail, then descending steeply into a ravine using numerous switchbacks on a well built trail.  Then it's to the side of a small cascading stream and back to the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail.

Now your following the FLT/NCT to the gated border of the sanctuary before turning onto the yellow blazed trail that descends down to follow near Canaseraga Creek.  The yellow trail follows along the creek as well as a pretty meadow before returning to the FLT/NCT near the trail register.  From there it's a short walk back to the driveway and the parking area on Monegan Road.

You can purchase the official map of this section of trail by visiting the Finger Lakes Trail Conference web site.  Purchasing maps from the FLTC helps in maintaining the trail.  You can also volunteer to help maintain the trails.  Below we have a video of this hike, map and detailed description of this great loop hike.  The loop is the solid red trail on the map below.

Mile Elevation Robinson Wildlife Sanctuary Outer Loop Hike Description
0.0 1483 ft

This loop starts at the parking area at the town turn around.  Walk downhill along dirt road to driveway.

0.1 1444 ft

Turn left on dirt driveway, which is on an old railroad bed.  Follow white blazes of the FLT/NCT.

0.3 1443 ft

Turn right off driveway, down wooden stairs and soon a trail register.  Pass old farm machinery.

0.4 1419 ft

Junction of yellow trail on right.  Continue to follow white blazes of the FLT/NCT.

0.5 1402 ft

Junction of the blue trail on your left.  Turn left and follow blue blazes.  Ascend.

0.6 1484 ft

Pass a large rock pile on your left. Soon trail follows edge of sloped field.

0.9 1550 ft

Reach the junction of the blue loop.  Turn left and ascend.

1.0 1674 ft

Enter large field.  Turn left and follow edge of field.

1.1 1717 ft

First teaser views are in front of you.  Better views to come.

1.15 1708 ft

Trail veers right.  Follow stakes in field with blue blazes.  More views begin to open up.

1.2 1733 ft

Junction of blue access trail that leads 0.2 miles down to Monegan Road.  Views.

1.3 1780 ft

Reach an opening at edge of field.  Views behind you.  Then turn right following edge of another field.

1.45 1793 ft

Trail turns left still following edge of field.  Some views through trees.

1.6 1824 ft

Trail leaves fields and enters woods.

1.85 1761 ft

Reach orange trail.  Stay straight (veer left) on orange trail.  Now following orange blazes.

2.1 1776 ft

Pass by a home made blind on your left.  Entering a section of trail that is extremely wet/muddy at times.

2.2 1816 ft

Trail crossing a boggy area.

2.5 1862 ft

Highest point along the Robinson Loop Trails.

2.6 1856 ft

Start of a sometimes steep descent into a ravine.

3.4 1541 ft

Switchbacks and great trail work on a steep slope.

3.6 1363 ft

Reach the orange loop junction.  Scenic Stream.  Turn right  and cross stream to a nice scenic spot.

3.7 1407 ft

Trail passes junction of two streams and ravines.  A nice scenic spot for a break.  Turn around.

3.8 1363 ft

Cross stream and reach the junction of the orange loop.  Follow orange blazes along stream.

4.0 1350 ft

Reach the white blazes of the FLT/NCT.  Turn left and ascend back to old railroad bed.  Pass yellow access trail.  Follow white blazes.

4.2 1350 ft

Reach gate and junction with yellow trail.  Turn right on yellow trail, follow yellow blazes and descend.

4.3 1285 ft

Trail levels and follows near Canaseraga Creek

4.5 1300 ft

Large old pipe on your right.  Junction of yellow access trail.  Veer left and soon cross (possibly dry) stream bed.

5.3 1279 ft

Trail is in a pretty meadow briefly before turning right and ascending back toward old railroad bed.

5.5 1419 ft

Reach white blazes of the FLT/NCT.  Turn left and follow white blazes.

5.6 1433 ft

Pass by old farm machinery and then trail register.  Ascend wooden stairs and turn left on driveway.

5.9 1444 ft

Reach Monegan Road.  Turn right and head uphill to parking area and your vehicle.

6.0 1483 ft

Parking area.  End of hike.


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