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South Rim - Gorge Trail Loop



From the parking area, head toward the swimming area (on the right) and the large stone arch bridge.  At the stone bridge turn right up the stairs to the South Rim Trail.  At the top of the stairs there is a picnic area, head toward the right of the restrooms and the start of the South Rim Trail.  Continue to ascend for the next 0.5 mile (almost 400 feet). 

At one mile reach the Pinnacle Overlook to your left (short spur trail).  The views are mostly obscured from trees.  Return to the South Rim Trail and soon reach the spur trail to the Gorge Trail and steeply descend down this trail.  Next, cross bridge #8 and turn left on the Gorge Trail.  (I turned right and followed trail up 0.1 mile to the "closed" sign, as my plan was to hike to the dam in 2007) 

Follow the Gorge Trail all the way down and over seven more bridges.  Before climbing up the stairs near the end, there is an overlook for the "cowsheds" and top of the waterfall (you'll hear the water).  After climbing the stairs, you will descend back to the upper picnic area and head back toward the stairs that you went up earlier.  At the bottom of the stairs, continue straight over the stone arch bridge and turn right to the "cowsheds" to see the waterfall.  From there, retrace your footsteps back over the stone arch bridge and then back to the parking area.

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