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Fort Hill


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Fort Hill Cemetery is located in the City of Auburn and features well maintained roads and trails that form a large loop that many joggers and hikers use to form a circuit.  The cemetery was built on one of the most well preserved Native American earthen mounds East of the Mississippi with the roads of the cemetery both circle the structure and climb to the top of it where, at the highest point in Auburn, there are outlooks from which you can see for miles to the North and West.

The cemetery is the final resting place of William Seward, Secretary of State for President Lincoln who was responsible for the purchase of Alaska and had an assassination attempt on his life the same night that Lincoln was assassinated. The cemetery is also the final resting place of Harriet Tubman, former slave who lead many other escaped slaves from the South to freedom in Canada.  You can find more info about this cemetery from the Fort Hill Cemetery website.

A suggested walk by Steve B at Fort Hill Cemetery:

Park in the Pay to Park parking lot next to the Seward House on South Street. From the parking lot walk down South Street past the Seward House and turn right and go through Seward Park and cross William Street and go up Westlake Ave to get to the main gate which is at the corner of Westlake Ave and Fort Street.

To get to the outlook to the hills South of Weedsport walk through the main gate, up the stairs and go straight up the hill. At the top of the hill you will come to a fork in the road with a large obelisk in front of you, turn left here and continue until you see a dirt road. Near the intersection of the dirt and paved road is a steep hill that overlooks the gate and the hill you walked up. Along this hill is the outlook to the hills South of Weedsport, it is possible to see them during the Spring and Summer but it is easier to see them in the Fall after the leafs have fallen off the trees.

To get to the outlook to Cayuga Lake get back on the paved road and walk back to the fork in the road and go on the other part of the fork until after you pass the large statue for the Case family plot on your right. A short distance after the statue the road begins to curve and go downhill, there will be a set of stairs on your left. Go up them and walk to your right and you will come to a circle of graves with a staircase with a steep hill that overlook the road you were on. If you look through the space between the trees across the road from where you are you will be able to see Cayuga Lake.

Fort Hill is deceptively large and in places the roads look similar to each other, especially in the back of the cemetery near the Fitch Ave gate. If you get lost in the cemetery I suggest getting to a road that is next to the fence and follow it as in doing so will lead you the gates of the cemetery. Use of a compass is also suggested as the main gate of the cemetery is near the Northern most extreme of the cemetery and the Fitch Ave gate is in the South Western corner of the cemetery.

While in the cemetery I suggest stopping by the obelisk at the top of the fort which is for Chief Logan, a Cayuga tribe leader born in the nearby native village who started a border war down in the frontier of Virginia, the Case family plot which is North West of the obelisk on top of the fort, one of the Case's famously invented the method of attaching sound to film, the Seward plot which is South of the obelisk, Seward was the Secretary of State under President Lincoln, and the grave of Harriet Tubman which is near the North West corner of the cemetery and North of the Fitch Ave gate.



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