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Friendship Woods Nature Preserve is bordered by busy County Route 57 (Oswego Road) on the west and the backyards of homes on the other three sides in the Bayberry Community. Those homes front on Woodside Lane, Sotherden Drive and Willowbrook Drive. The property was purchased in 1988 from the Boy Scouts of America through funds raised by CNY Land Trust and the surrounding neighbors. This preserve is 13 acres of a natural upland area full of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and ferns with a small stream running through the nature preserve.

There is a short, pleasant loop trail located within Friendship Woods Nature Preserve. The loop is marked with white painted blazes on the trees. The lower part of the loop features a walk near the scenic stream, while the upper part of the loop wanders along the ridge of an esker with views down toward a wetland behind the homes along Woodside Lane. We saw deer on our last visit to the preserve (June 2020).

The loop is 0.6 miles long and is something everyone in your family can enjoy. From the end of Apricot Lane, pass the "Wildlife Safety Zone" sign and follow the well defined trail down and over a small stream on a really nice bridge. Now you'll cross a wet area along a long wooden plank before reaching the junction of the "Lower Loop Trail". Turn right and follow the white blazes until you reach a junction. The trail on the right leads to private property. Turn left and climb a short bit to the top of the esker, then turn left again on the "Upper Loop Trail" to follow the well defined path. On your right is a small wetland and on your left you'll have glimpses of the small stream that you crossed earlier.

Follow the "Upper Loop Trail" until you reach another trail junction, near a wooden post (not the one one with a "6" on it, that you'll pass). The trail straight ahead meanders toward busy County Route 57. Turn left here and follow the "Lower Loop Trail". Parts of this stretch can be hard to follow, however there are white blazes on the trees to assist you in keeping yourself on the trail. Soon you'll see the familiar sight of the bridge and wood planks on your right. Turn right and head back to the end of Apricot Lane to finish your short 0.6 mile loop hike.

Access is through the dead end of Apricot Lane. Plug 7751 Apricot Lane into your gps devise and then drive to the end of the road to park. Please stay off the neighbor's lawns. Be sure to bring some insect repellent in case those pesky insects are around. Look below for a few pictures and a few maps to assist in your hiking adventure.

Kyra enjoying a break on the bridge over the small stream

Wooden planks over a wet section

White blazes keep you on the trail

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