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This 6.3 mile section of the Great Eastern Trail is currently the first off road section of the GET in New York.  This section features Pinnacle State Park and the 794 acre McCarthy Hill State Forest.  There are over eight miles of cross country ski trails, which are also great for hiking.  The GET utilizes a few of the trails as it travels through this state forest.

This part of the trail starts on the "closed road" on the corner of Orr Hill Road and Reep Road.  The trail climbs along the old road, following orange blazes and soon reaches a gate.  Pass by the gate and continue to climb on the old road until you reach the top of the hill.  Before continuing, turn and enjoy the open view.

Turn right into the woods and enter Pinnacle State Park.  The trail runs parallel to a power line as you make your way toward Levi Pond.  The trail passes next to the pond along the bank.  There are picnic tables and grills along the shoreline.  You may even see a few people fishing.  After leaving the pond you'll reach a kiosk at 0.6 miles.  There is some parking available here.  The kiosk features information on the beautiful trails in McCarthy Hill State Forest

Turn right and follow the forest access road to a larger parker area at 1.1 miles.  There is a yellow gate near where the trail veers toward the right to follow the Beaver Pond Trail.  Check the DEC website for a map and brochure of this nice state forest.  A new lean-to (with fireplace and open air pit toilet) has been constructed in McCarthy Hill State Forest off a blue blazed trail after 1.6 miles.  The GET follows first the Beaver Pond Trail, then the Squirrel Trail before leaving the state forest and entering Pinnacle State Park once again at 2.9 miles.

The trail utilizes mowed paths as it winds its way around the golf course at Pinnacle State Park and reaches a dirt road at a parking area near the ball fields at 4.0 miles.  You'll follow the dirt road to the main park road.  The GET leaves the main park road at a park speed limit sign.  Just 0.1 miles later is one last wonderful view at 4.45 miles.

At 4.9 miles marks the start of a sometimes steep 600+ foot descent toward the Village of Addison.  The trail follows old roads that may make you wonder at times how any type of vehicle could've have climbed such a steep road.  The trail drops 400 feet in only 0.5 miles.  There are a couple of welcomed level stretches.  When you cross a moss covered bridge and reach power lines, your at the bottom of your main descents.

The trail follows an old dirt road as it makes its way to Cleveland Drive and the end of this section.  The trail now follows roads as it makes its way into the Village of Addison.

Great Eastern Trail in McCarthy Hill State Forest

Mile Elevation Great Eastern Trail Description (follow orange blazes)
0.0 1514 feet

This section starts at Orr Hill Road/Reep Road junction.  GET goes straight past "road closed sign" and follows the old road uphill.

0.1 1568 feet

Pass by gate, continue to follow old road.

0.2 1636 feet

Nice view.  Turn right and enter Pinnacle State Park land.

0.5 1533 feet

Trail passes a scenic Levi Pond with picnic tables and grills.

0.6 1582 feet

McCarthy Hill State Forest kiosk.  Parking.  Turn right and follow forest access road.  Enter state forest.

1.1 1500 feet

Parking area.  Yellow gate.  GET veers right and follows the Beaver Pond Trail.

1.3 1457 feet

Trail passes by a nearby pond on your right.

1.6 1433 feet McCarthy Hill Lean To is 0.2 miles west on blue blazed trail
1.9 1413 feet

Cross small stream

2.1 1461 feet

Junction of the Grouse Point Trail.  Continue straight following Beaver Pond Trail.

2.2 1471 feet

Otter Slide Trail veers right.  Veer left and continue following Beaver Pond Trail.

2.5 1479 feet

Veer right onto the Squirrel Trail.

2.9 1537 feet

Enter Pinnacle State Park.  Turn left and follow state park/state forest boundary.

3.05 1542 feet

Junction of park's Red Trail.  Turn left.  The GET follows Red Trail.  Following red & orange blazes.

3.4 1609 feet

Junction of park's Yellow Trail.  Red Trail goes straight.  GET turns left.  Views.

4.0 1656 feet

Turn left and then right on dirt road.  Parking.  Ball fields.  Following dirt road.

4.1 1670 feet


4.25 1624 feet

Turn right onto main park road.

4.35 1623 feet

Trail turns left off road at park speed limit sign.  Following Red Trail.  Parking along side of road where willow tree is.

4.45 1600 feet

Trail turns right.  Views.

4.65 1613 feet

Park's Red Trail turns right.  GET continues straight.

4.9 1616 feet

The start of a sometimes steep descent using old roads.

5.2 1426 feet

A level stretch.

5.4 1409 feet

The sometimes steep descent continues.

5.95 1010 feet

Cross an old moss covered bridge.  Reach power lines.  Trail turns left and then right toward old road.

6.3 984 feet

Reach gate and Cleveland Drive.  End of this section.  Turn left and follow road into Village of Addison.


Levi Pond

View near Orr Hill Road

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