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Gray Peak


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Gray Peak, at 4840 feet, is the seventh highest peak in the Adirondacks, and is located in close proximity to Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York state.  It is the highest peak with no maintained and marked trail leading to the top. Gray Peak offers a view of Mount Marcy and Mount Skylight as well as Mount Colden.  It is one of the ADK 46ers.

Gray Peak is usually climbed from Lake Tear of the Clouds, with approaches via Elk Lake or Upper Works. With a somewhat limited view from Gray's summit, plus the fact there is no marked trail, it is less visited than other nearby peaks.  Most visitors are those attempting to become a 46er.

There is a well developed herd path leading from Lake Tear of the Clouds but it is, at times, hard to find the start.  Start at the outlet of Lake Tear of the Clouds and climb over a ridge and across into a valley. When descending, do not be misled down this valley, as it is very rough going and joins Feldspar Brook well below Lake Tear.  The herd path then heads north to the summit ridge, striking it about 600 feet west of the summit.



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