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Halfmoon Lake


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The Halfmoon Lake Trail takes you 0.9 miles to what was a private camp on Halfmoon Lake.  You might see some traces of the old homestead. The lake is small and surrounded by white pines. This hike is relatively easy except for a very difficult stream crossing of Burnt Creek that sometimes could require wading, however normally it is a big boulder hop across the stream.  There is a second stream crossing at Tuttle Creek.

The original bridge over Burnt Creek washed away and there is no plans to replace it.  The creek crossing is almost immediate on this hike.  The trail is the old road that once took the former residents to their private camp.  There are no markings for the trail.

Crossing of Burnt Creek

From the trailhead the old road goes slightly downhill to a bulldozed barrier at Burnt Creek.  The washed out bridge left a hole in the road that will probably require wading to cross.  After crossing Burnt Creek there is a slight uphill before a pleasant level walk in the woods. 

After crossing Tuttle Creek, the trail turns easterly and meets the outlet of the lake.  Now following the shore the trail ends on a peninsula at the former summer home.  This spot is quiet and beautiful.  If you hike this you'll probably have the lake all to yourself.

Directions:  From Lowville; turn east on River Road and go 4.1 miles to Watson. Turn left on Number Four Road and travel 8.9 miles to a small dirt road on the right.  This is one mile past the Adirondack Park boundary.  The dirt road is marked "PRIVATE ROAD" and is unplowed in winter. 

There are also posted signs on both sides of the road, giving the appearance that the road is "posted" as well as private.  It is not.  There is a public easement to use the road to enter state lands.  Pass some private roads on your right.  After 0.5 miles enter state land.  Drive about 1.5 miles to a small parking area on your left. This is the trailhead.  GPS coordinates are N43 49.783 W75 15.206



Hiking in Adirondack Park

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