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The most famous features in Tug Hill State Forest are Inman Gulf and Rainbow Falls.  This 6.9 mile moderate loop hike takes you for a tour of the gulf and the waterfall by having you hike along the rim of Inman Gulf.  This hike has sections where the trail does run very close to the edge of dangerous sheer cliffs, so take extreme caution while hiking.

The 6.9 mile Inman Gulf Loop takes advantage of the Oak Rim Trail, the John Young Trail, the Imman Gulf Glide Trail and the Williams Truck Road (seasonal dirt road, cars can easily drive) to create a great loop hike.  You can make this loop longer by utilizing other trails to the south of Williams Truck Road and use the trails instead of the seasonal dirt road (which is a major snowmobile route in the winter).

See our Tug Hill State Forest page to view the map and information on the other trails located in the state forest.  Although this area seems to be a very popular location, I only saw two people while we hiked recently on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in late September.  The other three times we were there I have seen a total of of four people.

There are numerous benches along the way to allow you to take a break while hiking and enjoy the great views.  There is also the John Young Picnic Area with a picnic table plus a swing, which is a great place to stop and eat lunch.  As you hike on the John Young Trail section, there are numerous interpretive signs.

Below is a video, a topo map and a detailed description of the Inman Gulf Loop hike.  This hike is in both Jefferson County and Lewis County.

Mile Elevation Inman Gulf Loop - Trail Description
0.0 1136 feet

From the small parking area on the Williams Truck Road.  This is the parking area closest to Babbits Corners Road, near the entrance to the Oak Rim Trail.  Take the Oak Rim Trail, soon a trail register and kiosk.

0.35 1054 feet

First views of Inman Gulf on your left.

0.6 1115 feet

Cross small stream.

1.1 1151 feet

Cross small stream.

1.5 1209 feet

Power Lines.  Best open views of Inman Gulf here.  Trail along power lines leads 0.3 miles to Williams Road.

2.1 1179 feet

End of Oak Rim Trail.  Turn left on John Young Nature Trail.

2.35 1153 feet

The John Young Picnic Area is on your right.

2.9 1406 feet

Highest point along this loop hike, soon turn left onto Inman Gulf Glide Trail at trail register.

3.35 1311 feet

View of Rainbow Falls on your left.

4.35 1398 feet

Reach Williams Truck Road.  Turn right and follow the seasonal dirt road.  Parking.

5.0 1353 feet

Pond on your right.

5.05 1358 feet

John Young Trail eastern terminus on your right.  Parking.

5.7 1296 feet

John Young Trail western terminus on your right.  Parking

6.15 1225 feet

Power Lines.  Trail on right leads 0.3 miles to the "Power Line" view of Inman Gulf.  Parking

6.9 1136 feet

Reach small parking area for Oak Rim Trail and the end of this loop hike.



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