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Central Adirondacks Siamese Ponds Wilderness
Hiking in Adirondack Park
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John Pond


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John Pond Ridge is reached via a bushwhack from near the John Pond Lean To. It is a 2.2 mile hike to the lean to. There are views of the High Peaks for those able to reach the cliffs on the ridge. This bushwhack should only be attempted by those who feel comfortable off trail and have good compass/map skills. This bushwhack is located in the very popular Siamese Ponds Wilderness in the central Adirondacks.

Look below for directions and GPS coordinates of the trailhead. The first part of this hike is to head toward John Pond. The 2.2 mile hike to the pond is a well marked as you are following blue DEC plastic markers. The DEC sign states it is three miles to the pond. There is a trail register near the start of the trail. You are following the obvious old road into the woods. At 0.6 miles there is a junction where the main trail turns left. Straight ahead is a herd path that leads to a few primitive campsites on John Pond Brook.

The trail is now traveling parallel to John Pond Brook. At 1.2 miles there is a view as the brook goes through a meadow. The trail leaves Hamilton County and enters Warren County at 1.3 miles. There is a side trail at 1.6 miles on your left that travels to a couple of grave sites. At 1.7 miles the trail crosses the outlet to John Pond. At 1.8 miles reach the junction of the blue marked John Pond Crossover Trail on the right. There is a campsite just 0.2 miles away on this trail.

The trail begins to climb a bit and at 2.1 miles there is a side trail on the left that travels 100 feet to a fish barrier dam. This is where the bushwhack to the John Pond Ridge starts. There are good views from the ridge. You'll find the John Pond Lean To at 2.2 miles, if you continue on. To reach the ridge, cross the outlet at the dam. Bushwhack west up to the ridge, then head north. You could also bushwhack all the way to Clear Pond if you are interested in doing a "loop". Look below for the map of the hike to John Pond.

Directions: From the hamlet of Indian Lake, take NY 30 south. Turn left on County Route 4 aka Big Brook Road. Turn left on Starbuck Road. Starbuck Road turns into Lakeview Road. At the end of the road, reach Wilderness Lane. The trail to Clear Pond starts across from this junction. Turn right and follow Wilderness Lane to the end of the road, where there is a large snow plow turnaround. There is a dirt road that leads to a small parking area and the start of the John Pond Trail. The GPS coordinates are N43 44.003 W74 13.234 for end of Wilderness Lane.

The old fish barrier dam


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