Link Trail

NY 80 to Finger Lakes Trail JCT

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Link Trail Hiking Maps - Complete Set of 6 maps - $9.50 FREE SHIPPING!

These six maps cover all 35 miles of the Link Trail in Madison County, New York.  From the Erie Canal Trail in Canastota, NY to the jct with the Finger Lakes Trail in Maripossa State Forest.

On the back of each map includes a description of the trail including elevation.  Parts of the Link Trail coincide with the path of the North Country National Scenic Trail.  These maps are printed on heavy duty waterproof paper, so you can take them with you on the trail.  These maps were created by CNY Hiking in March 2008.

Mile Elevation Link Trail Description
0.0 1558 feet

NY 80 Trailhead.  Link Trail heads south onto PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Follow blue blazes.  Trail runs next to NY 80 for first 0.1 mile.

0.1 1573 feet

Turn right, cross creek on footbridge.  Then veer left and follow dirt road for about 30 feet, then trail veers right off the dirt road.  Begin ascending.  Views.

0.5 1727 feet

Reach an area recently cleared and turn right.  Following old logging road.

0.65 1820 feet

Trail Register.

1.1 2022 feet

Reach highpoint of this section of trail.

1.5 1934 feet

Cross old "jeep trail".

1.6 1929 feet

Trail turns left.  This next section has no blue blazes to follow.  Follow yellow boundary paint on trees.

1.9 1916 feet

Reach Muller Hill State Forest Boundary.  Blue blazes begin again.

2.5 1942 feet

Junction of spur trail to Carpenter Rd (0.6 mi).  Turn left for main Link Trail.

2.6 1919 feet

Trail Register.  Begin descent to Chapman Road.

2.9 1691 feet

Reach seasonal dirt Chapman Road.  Turn left on road, then turn right off road in 100 feet.  Then cross Tioughnioga Creek.

3.5 1823 feet

Reach dirt Muller Hill Road.(parking)  Turn left, then quick right onto dirt Wood Road (Bundy Road).

4.0 1792 feet

Seasonal dirt Wood Road (Bundy Rd) becomes an abandoned road, follow old road.

4.9 1853 feet

Reach drivable Wood Road.  (Parking)  Continue down Wood Road.

5.6 1662 feet

Reach Crumb Hill Road.  Turn left and follow road.

5.7 1663 feet

Turn right into woods following blue blazes.  Now in Mariposa State Forest

6.2 1659 feet

Cross small stream.

6.85 1783 feet

Trail Register.

7.2 1790 feet

Reach junction of white blazed Finger Lakes Trail.  Left is to Private Land (closed Oct 1-Dec 31), then Bucks Brook State Forest.  Right is to Bamberry Road in 0.3 miles.  End of the Link Trail.

Link Trail

Heading south, entering Muller Hill State Forest on 9/30/07.

Link Trail

The Link Trail in Muller Hill State Forest.

Link Trail

Looking north toward NY 80.

Link Trail

Near NY 80 in Sheds, NY.

Link Trail

View from the trail near NY 80.

Link Trail

Looking north toward NY 80.

Link Trail

Looking south, near NY 80, at the hill you're about to ascend.

Finger Lakes Trail

The FLT Trailhead at Bamberry Road in Mariposa State Forest that leads to the start/end of the Link Trail.

Link Trail

The Link Trail near Crumb Hill Road.

First Yellow Blaze

Yellow blaze of the Link Trail at the southern terminus at the junction of the Finger Lakes Trail.

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