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This 6.8 mile section of the Link Trail features the unique sights and views at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park plus the Nelson Swamp Unique Area. The trail leaves the crowds and sounds of Cazenovia and makes its way toward the more quiet Tioughnioga Wildlife Management Area, where this section ends.

This section of the Link Trail begins off Chenango Street in Cazenovia at a small parking area on the left with a kiosk and trail register. The GPS coordinates of the parking area is N42 55.288 W75 50.948. The trail heads into the woods next to an apartment complex using puncheons. The trail soon reaches a new housing development where there was a trail reroute in 2009.  The trail passes an embankment along puncheons, then crosses a small stream over a culvert. The trail goes into a field briefly, then crosses the stream one more time, this time with a short jump over the small stream. 

The trail follows the stream for a short time before going back into the woods. The trail soon follows along hedgerows with the sounds of busy US 20 close by. Soon you'll reach the original trail and briefly enter a field where there are some views to your right before the trail goes back into the woods, then soon descends and crosses a small stream on a footbridge. 

The trail ascends again then passes under power lines before beginning its main ascent up Stone Quarry Hill.  As you ascend you may notice some "petrified" tree stumps on your right.  You are now entering Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.  Pass a trail register at 1.6 miles before the trail turns right to enter the main park, following a park trail. There are numerous walking trails that you can explore at this unique place.

The trail enters a large field before turning right again into the woods.  More sculptures in the field and as you hike on the path in the woods.  The trail passes the "bird hut" before turning right again and entering an open area.  This open area has views to your south and west.  On a clear day you can see all the way to Morgan Hill to the west.  The trail reenters the woods then follows the park's Wetland Trail to the park exit road, then to Stone Quarry Road and another road walk.

The road walk ends at the parking area and kiosk for Nelson Swamp Unique Area, reached at 3.9 miles. The GPS coordinates for the parking area is N42 53.451 W75 49.543. The trail now follows and old railroad bed through the swamp that includes crossing Chittenango Creek on a footbridge. The trail crosses a stile and enters private property, only to re-enter state land a short time later. While on private property you will pass some gates. Leave the gates as you found them. The trail veers right away from the railroad bed to make its way to Hardscrabble Road.

Now you have a road walk to Irish Hill Road. At the bend of the road is the end of this section as the trail enters Tioughnioga Wildlife Management Area. There is some parking along the shoulder of the road. The GPS coordinates are N42 52.224 W75 48.187 for where the trail leaves the road. It is highly recommended that you don't hike in Tioghnioga WMA during hunting season. Look below for videos, pictures, map and a detailed description of this section of trail.

Kiosk/Register and trail at Chenango Street Parking Area

Bridge over Chittenango Creek in Nelson Swamp Unique Area

Unique artwork along the trail at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park
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Mile Elevation Trail Description (North to South)
0.0 1218 feet

Chenango Street parking area. Register & Kiosk. Follow the yellow & blue blazes into woods along puncheons. 

0.4 1245 feet

Cross small stream.

1.0 1328 feet

View to the right.

1.2 1320 feet

Cross small stream on footbridge.

1.6 1534 feet

Trail register, entering Stone Quarry Art Park.  Trail turns right.  Soon following edge of open field.

1.8 1554 feet

Turn right into woods following a park trail.  Trail circles around passing a bird hut.

1.9 1582 feet

Turn right and soon panoramic views.  Trail will turn right and then left.

2.3 1554 feet

Reach the park exit road and turn right following dirt road.

2.4 1554 feet

Turn right on Stone Quarry Rd.

3.4 1427 feet

Four corners, stay straight. Road now called Constine Bridge Rd.

3.9 1395 feet

Reach Nelson Swamp Unique Area parking area. Turn left following yellow & blue blazes. Kiosk & register.

4.0 1392 feet

Nelson Swamp Nature Trail junction on the right. Nature Trail goes 0.5 miles back to the NCT/Link Trail.

4.2 1385 feet

Nelson Swamp Nature Trail junction on the right. Creates a pleasant 0.9 mile loop hike back to the parking area.

4.5 1390 feet

Cross Chittenango Creek on footbridge.  Soon enter PRIVATE PROPERTY after crossing stile.

4.7 1386 feet

Cross stile.  Entering PRIVATE PROPERTY.

4.9 1402 feet

Farm gates.  Leave gates as they are.

5.1 1405 feet

Re-enter state land.

5.3 1409 feet

Turn right off railroad bed.  Follow edge of field and soon climb over small hill to next field.

5.6 1458 feet

Reach Hardscabble Rd.  Turn right on road. 

5.8 1487 feet

Turn left on Irish Hill Road.

6.8 1702 feet

Trail enters woods at bend of road. (parking)  Enter Tioughnioga WMA.



View from Stone Quarry Hill with Morgan Hill in the distance

Link Trail Canastota Section Perryville Section Cazenovia Section Tioughnioga WMA
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