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The 46 Adirondack High Peaks
Dix Mountain Wilderness



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Macomb Mountain, at 4405 feet, is the twenty-first highest peak in the Adirondacks.  Macomb is located in the Dix Mountain Wilderness.  This peak is located within the Dix Range and is the southern most of the ADK 46ers.  This mountain does not have a maintained trail to its summit.  Three other 46ers located in the Dix Range are also without a trail (Hough, East Dix and South Dix).

There are no crowds to this peak, as most who hike to the summit are those looking to become a 46er.  The most popular route to the summit is to come from the Elk Lake Trailhead to Slide Brook Lean To and then follow Slide Brook upstream to one of two slides that lead to just below the summit. 

NOTE:  The Elk Lake trailhead is closed from the next to last Saturday in October to the first Sunday in December for hunting season.

The most popular slide to take is the "new slide".  Follow the north bank of the brook east for about 0.6 miles to where the brook forks. Continue to the north side of the Left Fork for about another 0.5 mile to the base of a new slide coming down from the right. Head up this slide, which ends at about 0.3 mile from the summit ridge. Push up straight to the ridge and the summit should lie about 500 feet to the south or right.

Reminder that most of the trail to Slide Brook Lean To is located on private property.  Macomb Mountain is named for Major General Alexander Macomb who defeated the Canadian's and British in the Battle of Plattsburgh on September 11, 1814.

Some hikers attempt to do all five of the 46ers within Dix Mountain Wilderness (Dix, Hough, East Dix, South Dix and Macomb).  This is a long strenuous 15+ mile hike including a hike along a tough ridge line, with much of the hike along herd paths.



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